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What’s Included:

  • Live chat agents engaging with your website visitors 9am-10pm Mon-Fri & 9am-7pm Sat-Sun including bank holidays.
  • Instant lead notifications with full transcripts
  • Weekly reports of all chats, full transcripts and customer feedback
  • Chat box software and updates included
  • A dedicated account manager who will work with you to maximise your monthly lead generation performance
  • Easy to use client dashboard to update your frequently asked questions database and chat box design

No upfront fees. No tie-in period. 30 day rolling contract.

Pricing is calculated by the amount of chats you have per month. On completion of your trial you will be advised on how many chats you have had and what pricing plan you fall into. The trial period entitles you access to the service (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) for a period of 30 days, or capped at 100 chats.

You will then have the option to continue the manned live chat service or cancel with no hidden fees. No risk, no obligation.

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  • How many chats/leads will I get?

    There is no way for us to know until we start your trial. We do find that websites with more traffic get more chats and sites with more chats get more leads.

    We also have clients that only get 4/5 chats per months but generate 1/2 leads per month but they are happy with the return as they are specialised or high priced products/services.

  • How will pricing be calculated?

    The amount you pay is calculated by the amount of chats you have per month. You will be placed within one of our Hero packages e.g. Hero 50 up to 50 chats per month. Your 30 day trial will give us an expected monthly chat allowance based on your monthly needs.

  • Can I have 100+ chats per month?

    Yes, we have packages up to 100,000 chats per month.

  • How can Chat Heroes answer questions about my business?

    We work with you to create a small database of Frequently Asked Questions, which means all the responses given to your website visitors are pre-approved by you. For any questions we cannot answer we will take their contact details and send them through to a member of your team as a lead.

  • Can I change the design of my chat box?

    There is a small fee for this service of £29.99+VAT. This fee is payable once you approve your custom design. You can add the custom box before, during or after your trial.

  • Can the Chat Heroes logo be removed from the live chat box?

    Yes, all mention of Chat Heroes can be removed to create a completely white-label service. There is currently no additional charge for this.

  • Can I have Chat Heroes on more then one website?

    Yes, you can have as many Chat Heroes chat boxes as you wish. We recommend chatting with us as we will be able to advise the optimal way to set up and manage your live chat service.

  • Is Chat Heroes really UK based?

    Yes, our contact centre and all staff are UK based, you are welcome to come visit us and meet the team at any time. Our office address is Town Hall Chambers, High Street East, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE28 7AT.

  • What happens if you cannot answer a question?

    We actually look forward to when someone asks for more detailed information than is covered in your FAQ’s as it means they are seriously interested in your business/service. When this happen we have a very high success rate of gathering contact details which we then send to you via email as a lead for you to follow up and answer their detailed questions as the internal expert.

  • How long does the service take to set up?

    We work with you to get your chat box live on your site as quickly as possible. We have had clients approve FAQ’s, design a custom chat box and install the code on their site within hours of registering.

  • When do I get my chat box code?

    You will receive your chat box code, once you have completed the FAQ part of your profile on your client dashboard.

  • Can I give additional training to your chat agents about my business?

    Yes, we do this regularly with our clients and we love the opportunity to learn more about your business. We can either set up a live conference call/Skype session or you can come into our offices and speak face to face with our team. Please speak with us to organise a time and date for additional training.

  • Can I visit the Chat Heroes contact centre?

    Yes, we have an open door policy, you are welcome to visit at any time. We recommend organising a date & time to come in to ensure you can meet the team members you would like to talk with however we have many local clients that pop in for a chat and coffee when passing. We love to have visitors so come along and see us. Our office address is Town Hall Chambers, High Street East, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE28 7AT.

  • What is classed as a chat?

    This is a meaningful engagement with your website visitors where we have a chat about your business, services or products you provide.

  • Can I 'pause' the service?

    Yes, we work on a month by month basis, if you wish to have the service live for certain months of the year but not others. We do this for many businesses in various sectors, please mention the months you would like to be live to us once you have begun your trial.

  • How do I cancel the service?

    Contact us at any time to cancel the service. We will complete any remaining time already paid for and stop the service on the agreed date.

Start generating leads today with a 30 DAY TRIAL. 

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