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Week2week Serviced Apartments provide their customers with cost effective serviced apartments. Proud to provide customers with the same quality service expected from a luxury hotel, with the amenities you would expect from your own home. They initially contacted us as they wanted to open up communication channels to their website visitors and clients.

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Francesca Mallen

MHA Larking Gowan

We absolutely couldn’t do without Chat Heroes at this time. Our clients are being looked after and all COVID-19 queries are being answered quickly and efficiently.

In short, Chat Heroes are playing a key part in helping to keep our business moving and in turn helping our clients and contacts through this worrying time and situation.

Karen Robinson

Jacksons Law Firm

If you are thinking of installing a chat function on your website, look no further than Paul, Allison and the team at Chat Heroes. It is a great way to start a conversation with prospects who are looking for expert advice and reassurance. The weekly reports from the team mean that I can monitor conversion rates and therefore keep an eye on that all important ROI. Professional, reliable and personable service!

Amy Farrell

North Tyneside Business Forum

Our service has been enhanced greatly with the support of Chat Heroes on the North Tyneside Business Forum website. We simply couldn’t have dealt with all of the enquiries during the first few weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic without them, they were great at giving general answers to businesses and directing them to our FAQs and only filtering through those harder enquiries when the answers weren’t on the website. Thank you!

Wendy Peffers

Gordon Brown Law

Chat Heroes have been an exceptional addition to our client service at GBLF. The team take enquires fast, accurately and efficiently. Nothing is a problem to them, and they are happy to work with us to ensure the right questions are asked at the outset. Working with Chat Heroes has enabled us to capture online enquires that we may not ordinarily received.

Tim Cook

BNI UK & Ireland

Chat Heroes have been providing a live chat service on our site for a couple of years and it has made a huge difference to us in terms of generating enquiries through the website. So much so, that when we transitioned our website to a different platform and weren’t able to initially incorporate Chat Heroes for a short time, we saw the number of enquiries decrease by 80%. Not only do we now get more enquiries, but we also get more information about each enquiry which enables us to handle them more effectively and efficiently in our office.

Digital Marketing Team

Veedoo Media

From A to Z, through my initial contact with Paul, follow ups with him in regards to any help I could contribute with and then after everything related to my clients trial, I can honestly say that your service is absolutely spot on. I couldn’t find a flaw in the process. Brilliant job!

Quality and real value are the success of any business nowadays. The market is saturated with everything (no foundations, little knowledge, empty or big promises all around nowadays, but little or inexistent value offered or even a good service or quality), but this doesn’t apply to you.... Just keep on doing what you do.

Anne-Céline Tissot

Express Skylights

Brilliant Service! Very good service, works really well to capture your client on your website and get a chance to interact with them. Definitely recommend it!

Marketing Team


Diaquip are delighted with the service provided by Chat Heroes. The Chat Heroes team are helpful, friendly and responsive. They give us a valuable service both in and out of working hours and have been able to assist our web visitors with responsive assistance through their live chat system. This in turn has led enquirers to become customers. I am always delighted to recommend them to others in business – as a vital and valuable addition to their website. Thank you.

Derek Bolton

Kitchens Plus LTD

I must say that Chat Heroes offer a fantastic service which has increased not only our turnover but also our ability to respond much quicker to queries that our customers may have. I would recommend Chat Heroes 100%.

Tim Roberts


Paul, Allison & Team are experts at what they do, very professional and have an excellent system & process. Glad to have them as preferred partner of live chat services.

Claire Bicknell

Catena Network

This is such a great service! It really adds to the overall customer service offering of the business and I feel that the Chat Heroes Team are part of our team as well!

Henry Herbert

GDPR Privacy Policy

Greatly increased the conversion rate of our PPC campaign. Great service.

Maryna Farrell

White Dove Group

Great Live Chat Service For Car Dealers. We are a new and used car dealer with multiple dealerships. Finally we have found a live chat provider that solves all our live chat problems. We generated over £100,000 in revenue from their free trial, would highly recommend them!

Steve Witkiewicz

WildShark Ltd

Allison and the team at Chat Heroes provide a very professional, well managed Live Chat facility, I’m happy to recommend them to any business owner that is looking to improve website visitor engagement.

Aaron Ferguson

Fantastic, attentive service providing a professional channel of communication for our visitors and clients, without a significant outlay or cost. Highly recommended!

CM Gilbert

Defib Machines

Chat Heroes have represented us through their manned Live Chat for almost 3 years. Their team of agents, who are real people, offer a level of customer service which is excellent. Their understanding of our service and their natural approach to our website visitors is just brilliant.

We love what they do for us, every day of the week. The amount of leads that have been generated from their service that have converted for us far outweighs the monthly cost.

We can’t recommend Chat Heroes highly enough for any business that wants to have a professional presence on their website answering questions and generating leads.

Bryony Gibson

Bryony Gibson Consulting

Your team have been excellent this year and I am so glad I stuck with the web chat on the website, it has proved really beneficial especially over the year we have had when candidates and clients want to get in touch out of office hours. So a big thank you from me to you and the team.

David Straughan

Eriss Property Consultancy

Since starting to use Chat Heroes I have been continually reminded of the professional way I was taken onboard as a client, communicated with and the standard of service provided on my company website on our behalf.

Chat Heroes has proven to be incredibly valuable to our client engagement, giving existing and potential customers a point of contact to discuss queries. This has meant we can be more focussed in how we can respond to clients. To say Chat Heroes is in our plans moving forward is an understatement. I would happily recommend every company with ‘any’ website traffic takes their 30 day free trial, wrapped in their unique 90 day money back guarantee.

In short, Chat Heroes are playing a key part in helping to keep our business moving and in turn helping our clients and contacts through this worrying time and situation.

Sean Farnell

Burgis & Bullock

Live chat on our website was an obvious communications tool that we didn't offer. I'd spoken to Paul Lawton at Chat Heroes on a couple of occasions and having a manned chat log on our website just made absolute sense. Paul introduced me to another accountancy client Chat Heroes work with, so I did my due diligence and in their words, "it’s a no brainer", I couldn’t put it better myself. It's just so easy, Chat Heroes are very personable, quick to respond, they provide a really good service. We signed a new client during the free trial who went out of their way to say that if it wasn’t for our web chat, it was unlikely she would have made contact. Just that one deal means several years of Chat Heroes costs were covered before they even raised their first invoice. On Monday this week I had a chat transcript come through at 10:42 from a prospect who'd been on the website. I called them immediately and set up a meeting for 2.30 the same day. I sent out an email the next morning, and at 2pm I had signed up the deal which was sizeable. What would I say to someone else thinking of using Chat Heroes? "Given the free trial and how easy everything is, it’s a total no brainer.

Ross Smith

North East England Chamber of Commerce

We’ve had a really positive experience in working with Chat Heroes, who we have found to be really proactive and consistent. When people visit the Chamber’s website, the Chat Heroes team ask relevant questions and manage to strike a great balance between keeping interactions polite, but also well targeted. We have definitely seen an uptake on membership appointments and sign-ups generated via our website. There are also fewer small enquiries needing to be handled by our team on the phone, freeing them up for more productive tasks.

Gemma White

The Phone Coop

Chat Heroes have been providing a live chat service on our web site for 9 months, providing online sales support where we don’t have the capacity, including out of hours. As colleagues they are friendly, helpful and professional and provide our customers online support to purchase mobile phones, line rental and broadband. They answer general enquiries with the scripts we’ve pre-prepared together and have a flexible approach to working with us as our business changes.

Andrew Simpson

Mortons Solicitors

Chat Heroes have added a new dimension to how we interact with our clients. Young people and those with hearing issues are less likely to ring in on spec and would much rather talk to Allison and her team online who interact and gain the information about which area of law they need assistance with. The details are then sent to the most appropriate member of our team to follow through and get touch. In some cases the visitor will get the answer there and then from the standard responses that we have given to the Chat Heroes team.

This web chat interaction avoids flustered, possibly embarrassing, conversations with reception staff when the potential client is unable to speak openly.

In two and a half years our chat traffic is increasing all of the time – sometimes we have several leads in one day and quite a number take place when we are closed.

Mortons would never be without their chat service now, it is a valuable asset to our customer support team.

Follow up in 2019.

Chat Heroes is pretty unique because you can tell by the contents of the chat, that you get when they send the transcript through, that their staff care, they're trying to provide good customer service and they're being part of your team. We've been using them for a couple of years. We get to know about people who are visiting our website which we wouldn't already know and they manage to capture the details so that we can achieve a sale from it.

Simon Wright

Robinsons Estate Agents

Chat Heroes online web chat service has already exceeded our expectations and we are intending to use the chat as a key part of our marketing strategy going forward

Hannah Barnes


Chat Heroes Live Chat service has worked wonders for our ability to both acquire new clients and help to deal with any queries our existing or potential clients may have. We’ve found that with the one to one interaction of chat operators we are able to fast track our usual lead journey by providing all of the information clients need to help make their final decisions. The chat operators are polite and informative, will happily receive feedback from ourselves and we are very happy with the service.

Steve Darnell


Great service, cost effective and super easy to setup, Chat Heroes did just about everything for us and the service was up and running in no time. Lots of positive client feedback which is great, because if our own staff had to man the chat log, we would definitely fail to do so well due to other priorities and pressures.

Ross Woodburn

Bubl Packaging

Excellent service. It provides our website customers with a virtual “store assistant” to help them navigate our website and to answer their questions. Providing a human touch to an on line experience – a very cost effective way to provide a high level of customer service.