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3 Reasons Why Manned Live Chat Works

Manned live chat support is a great innovation. Businesses want to use live chat because of it’s advantages to their customers. The only issue being, only some of the bigger companies in the market have the staff to pull this off. Outsourcing by opting for a manned live chat company makes sense for smaller companies. But the main issue seems to be that it’s difficult to see how a company that isn’t your business can represent you. How can an independent manned live chat company answer questions about your company? Well, in this blog I will explore this topic. Leaving you with the facts to make your decision of whether manned live chat is right for you. Here are three reasons Live Chat works for online companies.

The Client Wants It To Work

It’s important you discuss your expectations with your chosen manned live chat company. There’s no reason it should fail, if you do so honestly and openly. If you are willing to put the time and effort into getting your company message and policies across you will reap the rewards. The factor of this part of your company being external shouldn’t impact your approach. Think simple – how would you train your own staff to operate live chat for your company? Keeping your chat providers in the loop with updates on news and upcoming events is important. Whether you choose to send a short email, or visit them in person, it makes sense to speak to them regularly to manage your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The old saying goes  if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. What is it that your web visitors are likely to ask? In the process of signing up for manned live chat, it’s essential that you give a list of expected questions with answers to aid the chat agent. One of the great perks of having a chat facility is that it filters out all of the simple queries that can be easily dealt with. So to get the very most out of a manned live chat service ensuring you compile a list of FAQs is a great start.

Trained Chat Agents

These companies specialise in chat. Therefore providing customer service isn’t something they are unfamiliar with. With the right set up procedure in place, they should be able to represent your company as a first point of contact without a problem. Carrying out the right checks before going ahead is important. You should always look into the background of the company you choose to work with. More specifically, look at their experience in dealing with clients in your industry. Good reviews and testimonials are always a good indication.

With these three key points in mind, the most important aspect of manned live chat is the relationship between client and provider. If the relationship breaks down, it’s likely that so too will the level of service. Manned live chat is a brilliant customer service tool if executed correctly. Transparency is key in a service which acts as a representation of your company.  If you go ahead with the right service and communicate effectively you will gain great benefits.

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