Week2Week Case Study


Week2week provide their customers with cost effective serviced apartments. Proud to provide customers with the same quality service expected from a luxury hotel, with the amenities you would expect from your own home.


“We initially contacted Chat Heroes to use their free trial, as we wanted to open up the communication channel on our website that would allow us to contact our visitors and our clients.”

Sarah Buck, Duty manager at Week2Week

“I’m thrilled with the results, the sales leads, and also the initiative that the Chat Heroes team has shown behind the scenes without knowing anything initially about our business has been awesome.”

Keys To Success

1. Communication

Allison Lawton, the Chat Heroes manager, was introduced to Sarah from Week2Week at the North East Expo in 2016 and have since have been in touch since. This has helped Week2Week understand Chat Heroes service and how it can help their business further.

2. Engagement

After the success of the 30 day free trial. Chat Heroes continues to help Week2Week manage enquiries online from new and already existing clients and provides the Week2Week website with a larger team to manage enquiries.

3. Education

Sarah from Week2Week visited the Chat Heroes office and we were able to provide us with further insight into daily operations and how we have helped them over the past few months.