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5 Ways To Improve Your Website Navigation

Your website is your companies shop front in the online world. So it’s very important to have a user friendly site to make sure you can make the most out of your web visitors. So to help you out here are 5 ways to improve your website navigation:

1. Put Your Menu In An Obvious Place.

Your website can be as imaginative as you would like with certain details, but people visiting your website want to be able to navigate with ease, so put the menu in the position where people would expect to find it – in the top centre of your screen.

2. Always have your brand logo connected to your home-page.

In terms of navigation it’s important to have every page linked back to the home-page and a great way to do this is to have your logo itself as the hyperlink that takes you there. Position the logo at the top of your page either on the left or in the centre of your menu as a button to send your visitors straight to the home-page.

3. Don’t over-clutter the menu.

The menu needs to be displayed in a simple and effective way in order to make navigating your website as easy as possible. So stick to having no more than seven menu items and avoid using drop-downs that over-complicate the navigation of your website.

4. Plan the user journey to sale.

Set your menu out as if it’s the steps that a visitor would take to make a purchase. For example you could have your menu set out a little like this:

Home → Pricing → Testimonials → Sign Up

This will lead the eye of a user, and also make their journey through the site much easier. The easier you make it the more likely you are to get that all important conversion.

5. Use a Call-to-action.

You need to think of your website in terms of what you are looking to achieve. Do you want people to join your service? Do you want them to sign up to your newsletter? Do you want them to download your software? Less is always more, so think about what you want your web visitors to gravitate towards and make that the sole focus of your page. Usually using bright attractive colours to contrast with the rest of the page works very well.

You can take a look at how these are used on our very own home page below:

Snip of website

I hope this blog has been helpful, remember first and foremost it’s important to keep your website user friendly. The easier you make your site to use the more likely you are to convert your web visitors.

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