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How To Test Your Affiliate Link Is Working

One of the most important resources that you get becoming an affiliate is your affiliate hyperlink. Through this hyperlink all of your sign-ups can be monitored, to ensure you get the benefits from referring the Chat Heroes service. It works in a simple Cookies format meaning that anyone who has clicked your link that signs up to Chat Heroes will be linked to your affiliate account for you to receive 10% of their monthly subscription. It’s very important however, to ensure your link is functioning correctly. So in the interest of this,  here is a short walk-through on how to test this:

1. Go to your affiliate account and access your link

In order to test your affiliate link, you must first visit the affiliate dashboard. Find your account affiliate link which should read in the format seen below:

Affiliate link2. Click through the link

Either hyperlink the account affiliate link and click through the link, or paste the affiliate link into your web browser.

3. See that this link goes through the portal

After selecting the affiliate link you should be directed through the Chat Heroes portal site as seen below:


Following this you will then land on the Chat Heroes home page. If you haven’t gone through the initial portal page and you are directed elsewhere their may be an error with you link. If this is the case, please contact our team as soon as possible for us to resolve this.

Thank you for reading up on the Chat Heroes knowledge base, if you’re stuck on anything else we have other step by steps just like this one in our knowledge base category

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