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The Step By Step Guide To The Affiliate Sign-Up Process

Chat Heroes have recently launched our massively rewarding Affiliate Scheme. But we understand for a lot of you out there, the benefits may not be as clear as it is to others more experienced with becoming an affiliate. To put it simply, you stand to gain extra revenue every month through referring Chat Heroes on through your official affiliate account. To maximise your returns from this scheme, we thought we would explain further. So here are the three simple steps to our affiliate sign-up process.

Step 1: Gather some information

The first step would to the affiliate sign-up to would be to find out more information to see if the scheme is right for you. To find the the affiliates page, select “Become an Affiliate” OR simply follow the link on the image below and go straight there.

Clip Showing Affiliates Option

Step 2: Take in the benefits

From here you will land on our partners affiliates page. Here you can find out much more about the benefits of the affiliate scheme so feel free to take a look at some of our explanation videos to get a full understanding of the benefits of the scheme and how it all works.

Once you have taken it all in and are sure the affiliate scheme is for you select “Become A Chat Heroes Affiliate Today!”. Again, if you already have your mind made up, simply click the image below.

Become A Chat Heroes Affiliate Button

Step 3: Fill in your details

From here you simply need to fill in your details in the correct boxes, accept the terms and conditions, and finally select “Signup” to send through your application to become a Chat Heroes affiliate. Make sure to make a note of the username and password in preparation for when your account is processed.

Be sure to select whether you are VAT registered! If you are an affiliate on behalf of your business, you MUST give us your VAT number, as this may impact on the amount of money that we are legally allowed to pay you as part of the scheme.

Sign Up Page

Once you have filled in all of your information, the application will be sent through to our team to confirm and process your application.There will be an email sent to you to confirm your application.

Welcome To Chat Heroes Affiliate Partner Program

Step 4: Activate your account

You will then receive another email following this to then activate your account. Ensure you check your spam folders of your registered email account to confirm you have received the link to activate your affiliate portal. Once you have received the link you are set to go and explore the wonderful resources we have available for you through your own personal Chat Heroes affiliate account completing your affiliate sign-up.

So now that you are an affiliate you have access to all of our fantastic resources to help you along the way, and if you ever have any extra queries feel free to have a chat with our team via the chatbox and we are happy to answer your questions for you.

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