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3 Ways To Create A Great Proactive Call To Action

Live Chat is proven to be a great tool to generate leads for your website. However it is still important you get the most out of your live chat service. You can do this by customising your proactive engagement on your page. Proactive communication is the setting in which the chat facility will automatically greet visitors to the page. If used correctly this call to action can increase your potential for more leads. To assist you in making your live chat as effective as possible, here are three ways to create a great proactive call to action to make the most out of your live chat feature.

Ensure your proactives are well placed

Strategically using your proactive call to action, can mean it has a far greater impact on the user. Chat tabs are generally best placed on the right hand side of the screen. The chatbox is also best placed in the bottom right to pull the visitors gaze from left to right. There may be certain pages that suit a chat facility more than others. For example you may choose to strategically place your proactive chatbox on your contact page (as below) because you wish to cut down on phone calls.
Contact Chat


Target Users Based On Behaviour

Using analytics to track your web visitors’ behaviour is a great way to get a grasp of what actions should be triggered at what time. The invite can directly correspond to the activity of the visitor. For example, if you observe the image (below) you can see that the chat agent has made a greeting specific to the blog page.  This therefore creates more of a personal invite, as the visitor will be further engaged in the request to chat as it applies directly to what they were currently viewing on screen.

Blog page chat


Motivate People To Carry Out A Targeted Action

If you have a desired action as part of your marketing strategy you can direct people towards this. For example if you had a free demo that you were promoting to help boost sales of your product or service, your proactive invite could include a short snippet to direct them to the relevant link. This can also be used for certain offers or promotions you have on if you are an ecommerce site too. An example of this can be seen below.

Targeted action picture

If you would like to discuss customising your live chat solution, our team are happy to assist. We want your live chat to reflect your company perfectly, from the colour of the box to the message you promote. Get in touch today on 0191 500 9788 or chat through our chatbox!

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