A Natural Approach To Nutrition

Their Story

Natural Nutrients was created in 2012 by Personal Trainer and aspiring Nutritionist Liam, who became disgruntled with the lack of natural supplement companies available to his clients.

They aimed to fill a gap in the market and offer the more discerning customer a cleaner, natural supplement that doesn’t contain artificial fillers, bulking agents or GMO ingredients – and they certainly feel like we’ve been able to do that successfully so far!

Their Goal

To Educate Their Customers And Build Trust In their New Products

Natural Nutrients goal was to provide a high level of customer service to their customers and offer something different to what their competitors were already doing in the market.

Liam Sherriff, Managing Director

“Chat Heroes has enabled us to get closer to our customers by providing them with live support during the buying process.

This freed up a lot of time, answering a lot of trivial customer service requests that can be answered by directing the customer to a page on our website.

I was also really impressed by the lengths they went to, to understand our products.

We were not sure how much we would benefit from outsourcing our live chat until we took a trial, we now see Chat Heroes as a vital part of our sales strategy.”

Their solution

We started by working closely with the Chat Heroes agents to help educate them about our products and business ethos. We did this by visiting the team and spending an hour showing them the products, taking them through the website and answering any questions they had or felt customers may have.

Keys To Success

1. Additional Training

Chat Heroes has an open door policy and we asked to meet the chat agents to spend time with them talking about our products and business. This additional training was invaluable and was key to giving Natural Nutrients the confidence to allow Chat Heroes to chat on our behalf and give the agents the knowledge to provide the service our customers need.

Training included the basic difference between products and their health http://nosubhealth.com/ benefits which then enabled them to recommend products based on customer needs.  For example if a customer has a gluten intolerance they understood what this meant, and could guide the visitor to all products that were suitable for them and where to find them on the website.

2. Lead Generation Through Experts 

We often have new customers needing some expert support and advice that they cannot find on the website or product pages. On these occasions they will often ask the live chat agents, however, as Chat Heroes do not offer expert advice they skilfully recommend the customer speaks to one of our experts which 9 times out of 10 the customer is delighted to do. The chat agents simply asks for their contact details which they send to our team to follow up on. This was a powerful way of growing our mailing list and making sure we didn’t lose customers that would have ordinarily left our site and gone to a competitor.

3. Build Customer Trust Quickly

Fast, reliable and supportive live chat gives us two new elements that we had not considered before working with Chat Heroes. The first was how quickly they built a relationship with the customer which gained their trust. The second was that our customers saw us as a larger business than we were which again built trust in our company. As a small start-up company at the time this allowed us to compete with larger brands and was vital to our rapid growth.

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