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Why Live Chat Is a Must Have For Your Website

Live Chat is one of the fastest growing customer service tools available. With the demand of support through multiple channels, it’s becoming clear that live chat is a necessary component in an online business. Want evidence? Well check out this awesome infographic below, put together by the guys over at Skilled to give you the low-down of where live chat ranks statistically amongst the consumer market and against it’s competitors.

As you can see, live chat has a clear impact on sales and customer loyalty. By utilising live chat’s instant response time and capacity for dealing with multiple queries simultaneously, it’s clear to see why it’s gradually being used more and more on a global scale. As a tool for high traffic companies such as Dell, Sears, Orbitz and Total Gym, live chat has been seen to work across a wide range of industries.

When tailored to suit your business model, it’s clear to see why live chat is a must have for your website. Live Chat is crucially the kind of service that customers will come back for. There are no smoke and mirrors in customer service. Therefore if you take pride in your other reputation, it’s tools such as live chat that will boost your business to be a digital success.

If you are interested in live chat, but afraid you don’t have the staff to be on-hand to cover it, Chat Heroes are one of the UK’s first manned live chat companies who can mange this for you. Click the banner below to find out more!

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