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5 Ways Outsourced Live Chat Can Make Your Online Business More Manageable

Cuts Out Simple Queries.

It can be tiresome having to answer the same old queries when a visitor calls your business.  Having an outsourced live chat solution means simple questions can be answered fast without any effort on your part. With live chat in place, a lot of the chats you would usually receive that take up your time can be deflected. A Happy Fox Chat study found that: “ Some businesses reported up to a 70% deflection rate from calls to live chat.” Just think of how much of your time this stands to free up!

You Can Call When It Suits You!

Any visitors from your site will be more inclined to use a live chat feature than go through the process of finding your contact details. Your schedule in the business world can get very hectic very fast. You need to be organised to keep up to standards with your customer service. Making a call-back is easier than having any number of calls from visitors. So the ball is in your court to follow-up on any leads from your outsourced live chat solution. You can also use live chat interactions to manage expectations with prospective clients. Therefore if you are super bus. and say for example you have a two-day turnaround, people can be informed. Leaving you to follow-up at your own pace.

Warm Introductions Have Already Been Made.

Having Live Chat on your website means that you can offer a warm welcome for your visitors. This interaction will be the first a visitor will make with your company. With the right introduction this will mean the visitor will already be a warm lead by the time you contact them. They will already have had that positive beginning to their interaction with you and your brand. Meaning you can avoid having to cold call anyone.

Interactions Can Be Made At Key Points.

The timing of an invite to chat can make all of the difference. Live Chat can be customised to have proactive invites at crucial moments in the customer journey. As a demonstration of the worth of this feature a business2community study found that: 94% customers proactively invited to chat were somewhat or very satisfied with their live chat experience.People invited, and especially invited at a key point in the sale will react positively. To be actively invited gives them a greater customer experience and shows that the business cares about it’s customers.

People Respond To People

If a customer is told by a service agent that their request is being dealt with. They are far more likely to be happy with this outcome, than if an automated response had informed them that their request was being dealt with. As a reflection of this a Kissmetrics study found that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.” The reassurance that live web chat assistance can offer in a online customer interaction can prove to be a big factor in pushing through conversions.

If you are interested to see how live chat can fit into your online business, why not chat to our team today and sign up for your 30 day free trial?

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