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5 Reasons To Get Outsourced Live Chat

Outsourcing is a common feature in business. Chat Heroes are pioneers in our innovative business model of outsourced live chat for businesses large and small across the UK. Here are four reasons why we believe it is massively effective perfect lead generation tool for your business.

Customer Service

As part of your company’s web marketing strategy, having an element of customer support is great as it makes a web visitor feel like they’re getting an exclusive service catered to their needs.
It’s reported that 73% of customers are satisfied after using live chat, higher than any other form of social support (e.g email). People need to be heard, so if it can’t be you – you would be crazy not to outsource live chat to make your customers feel valued.

Cost Effective

You may look at outsourced live chat and think “Why outsource it?” put simply time is very valuable in terms of running your business itself. You can succeed with manned live chat from less than 28p per hour, so outsource and let the web chat guys worry about welcoming your visitors, and capturing those all important contact details as leads for your team to follow up on.

Faster Response

One of the main issues that live chat has had in the past in terms of it’s effectiveness to engage customers is the response time. An outsourced live chat company is there strictly to engage with web visitors, so you can guarantee a swift response. As Kissmetrics argue in their study of what makes a chat service the most reassuring to customers – “Customers shouldn’t have to wait for someone to answer the chat request… your response time should be less than 10 seconds. If you leave you visitors waiting they may very well go elsewhere, so if you’re going to utilised live chat to it’s full potential, let the specialists take care of it so that you can relax and get on with your daily tasks while they wow your web visitors with swift response times.

You can see exactly what is being said through transcripts

Trust is a valuable thing, but who needs it when you choose to outsource your live chat services with a company that’s completely transparent. Outsourced live chat needs a certain kind of set-up to be executed effectively. Absolute assurance is needed on the part of the client that their web visitors will be handled in the correct manner. A company specialising in being an extension of your business shouldn’t have anything to hide, so make sure you’re able to get every transcript. This way, you can measure exactly how your service is being handled against your expectations, and communicate necessary changes as you see fit.

Live Chat is what they specialise in

Outsourcing live chat means that, like in every other field where something is outsourced, they are the specialists in speaking to your potential customers. Recent data from Chat Heroes headquarters indicates that 40% of all of our interactions generate leads. All of the right information is provided free of spelling and grammar errors, with optimum efficiency , so you don’t need to worry about web visitors, all you need to worry about is converting the resulting sales leads into revenue.

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