Manned Live Chat for Car Dealers

The car sales sector is going through a transformation, especially in light of the news that Amazon is planning to enter the arena. Is manned live chat for car dealers part of an online solution for established businesses to engage with web-based prospects more effectively?

In recent years we have seen digital communication and text messaging increase as popular forms of business-customer communication. Many consumers find phone calls intrusive and time-consuming, disrupting the flow of their day, whereas digital and text messages get straight to the point and can be responded to when convenient. Manned live chat for car dealers is a ‘hybrid’ solution sitting between texting and live phone calls.

In the automotive sales sector, we need to think carefully about how we expect customers to interact with us at different stages of their path to purchase.

When someone is in a showroom, their behavior can be seen and the right level of interaction with them assessed – leaving them to browse and providing the information that they need when appropriate. At Char Heroes, we think that a similar approach should be adopted with your website.

Whether you offer text messaging, calls, emails or online forms, options for communication methods, information gathering should be clear and fitting at every stage of the purchase path. Manned live chat can be added quickly to a website (admin time of around 1 hour typically). Sign up now for a no obligation/risk-free trial.

Chat Heroes are sure we can help you enhance the channels through which you and your customers interact, improving the customer’s buying experience and boosting your sales.