Live Chat Done Well – Easy as 1 2 3

Live Chat Done Well – Is It That Easy?

Like a lot of things in the digital and online world, Live Chat could be seen as something that the web and online advisors recommend as part of an engagement strategy for clients – however, LIVE CHAT DONE WELL is a different thing!

At first glance, the opportunity looks too good to be true for business owners and managers: improved functionality for web visitors; better user experience; and increased enquiries, to name a few things.

However, when it comes to the implementation of the live chat service, there are a few more considerations, the training of staff, availability of staff (in and out of office hours), as well as ensuring the quality of service and reporting.

In order to achieve’ live chat done well ‘, Chat Heroes believe that some minimum standards should be met, three things in particular. This view is borne from nearly three years of delivering a live chat service to solicitors, accountants, property and estate agents; automotive and charity sectors – on behalf of international companies down to regionally based family businesses.

In order to ‘ do live chat well ‘, Chat Heroes believe that:

  1. LIve Chat – has no barriers, and is anonymous
  2. Live Chat – is responsive
  3. Live Chat – is manned by humans

In order to achieve the maximum engagement with web visitors, ensuring that there is nothing ‘obstructing’ the engagement of the chat opportunity is vital – this can be improved by making sure that contact details are not set as mandatory.

Respons time is critical for any delivery of a live online service, typically if people have to wait much longer than 30 seconds, they will start to become frustrated, especially during office hours.

Typically there are three options when considering how you deliver the fundamental live chat service, ChatBot, manned internally or provided by an outsourced team.

Whatever way you decide to deliver a live Chat service, if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us – we have been focused on live chat done well – for nearly three years!

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