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5 Reasons That Make Live Chat A Winner For Charities

Help only matters if it is available to the right people at the right time. Charity organisations and other organisations that try to offer help to the people who need it most need to do so in a secure fast and reliable manner. Just because you are offering assistance or help to people who are in need, does not mean that the information you receive or give out to them in form of help should be any less secure. So, why use live chat for charities? In this blog I will discuss what makes live chat a winner for charities.

1. It is economical

Charity organisations are known to be nonprofit making organisations. They solely depend on donations and well wishers for their operations. This therefore means that they actually make no profits. Because of this, most charities face a lot of financial challenges. This therefore means that they need a cost effective mode of communication with their clients and people in need. Live chat is one of the best and most cost effective modes of communication today. Instead of employing staff to run an in-house live chat support system, you can opt for outsourcing live chat which is better and effective.

2. Anonymity

Most charitable organisations deal with the vulnerable members of the society. Most of these people do not like their identities to be revealed due to security or other reasons. Use of phones, emails or reverse look up could mean that their identities can be seen and exposed. Live chat however makes it easy for people to remain anonymous. Chat Heroes or representative on the other hand cannot identify the person he or she is talking to and vice-versa. The representative can tell you his or her name and if asked their name they can use a fake name and the representative will never know. They will remain anonymous. This functionality to work with anonymity  makes live chat a winner for charities.

3. Confidentiality

In some cases very sensitive and confidential information is exchanged between people looking for help and charitable organisations. This means that the information should be all means remain confidential and should never be traced back to the person I need of help. Live chat enhances confidentiality as only the two of you will be communicating without a third party interfering with what you are talking about. This information is sent directly to the representative of the charity and stored securely on protected servers.

4. Security

Most live chat service providers encrypt their stored data ensuring that only authorised individuals and representatives can have access to the stored information. The software used in live chats is as secure as online payment pages. This prevents unauthorised access during and after transmission. This means that no one without permission will pry on the information shared between a client or a person in need and a live chat representative of the charity organisation. These security features are incredibly important, and go a long way in making live chat a winner for charities.

5. Immediate response

The biggest advantage of live chat is that you get immediate response.  A second or two matters a lot to someone who is desperately in need of help. The few minutes you keep him or her waiting can save the person’s life. Live chat ensures that a person in need gets fast response in terms of help or vital information. It would take a few minutes for a person to make a call via a phone and it will take a few seconds for the person on the other end to receive the call. It might also take a few minutes or hours for some to read a mail even if it was delivered on time. But with a well managed live chat support system, you get a response immediately you type your message.

I hope that this information on what makes live chat a winner for charities has been useful to you. For more information on how Live Chat can benefit charities, head over to our Chat Heroes For Charity Page

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