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Why Live Chat Is Important in 2016

In the age of the online shopper, websites are designed to navigate customers to purchasing within a few clicks of the mouse.This calls into question: do we really need customer service to sell any more? Why not let the customer do the work instead of using features such as live chat? Well contrary to this, Happy Fox Chat found that 62% of customers were (more) inclined to purchase products online if live customer support is available, but why is that? Here are 5 reasons why Live Chat Is still important in 2016.

Live Chat makes your customer journey straightforward

Live chat is in a sense the smartest “simplify” you could ever add to your webpage. According to a Happy Fox Chat study, the availability of live chat assistance has been found to decrease sales cart abandonment by up to 30%, leading to an increase in sales..Chat agents have the power to send through links to guide people to their desired destination improving navigation, and ultimately the end conversion rates of your website massively.

Live Chat is personable and makes the customer feel valued

You could have the most innovative website around, but if there’s nothing to engage with a web browser, they can often lose interest just as quickly as they gained it. According to a Kissmetrics study, “44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.” People in the middle of a transaction can be quite fragile, so to have an assistant reassure them and answer all of their queries makes them feel valued as an interested customer in your business and all the more likely to complete their purchase.

You can’t answer quicker than instant messaging

The immediacy of live chat means that there is no real substitute. Having an email address and telephone number on your site provides back-up in case a customer gets stuck, but if they do get stuck it’s very likely they want the sharpest customer service available online and ready to answer their queries. In a study carried out by Business2Community they found that 79% of customers say that they prefer live chat because of the immediacy it provides. Live Chat is still relevant in 2016 because you really can’t knock an instant reply from an assistant within under 20 seconds.

It’s measurable!

Live Chat brings with it an entirely new tool for data capture. So you may have spent a lot on your website’s features, but if you’re looking for how useful these features actually are having a feature that encourages user interaction is always of great importance. You can receive a high amount of feedback on your website and on your product/service from visitors through having a chat service. Live Chat offers a great insight into your typical website visitor’s mindset.

Live Chat isn’t outdated, it’s the future.

Live Chat doesn’t seem to be getting outdated by advancements, it seems to be becoming more and more relevant.  Chat Heroes have reported an increase of 29% more leads generated in this last month, and our model for outsourced live chat is only getting stronger as we grow. With the amount of mobile and tablet browsers that their are looking for quick answers on the move, there’s never been more demand for a service that delivers exactly that, creating swift and efficient customer service and generating a high turnover of leads.

 Have you ever had much experience with Live Chat? If so we would love to hear what your thoughts were on your experience, please get in touch either through Facebook, Twitter or have a chat with us through our chat function.

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