5 Ways Live Chat Increases Conversion Rates

5 Ways Live Chat Increases Conversion Rates

Live chat is a powerful tool that can be used to initiate online communication between a brand and a client or consumer in real time. It can also be used for online business to business communication. When live chat is initiated, a consumer can interact with the live chat support representative through texts that are shown on the screen. Live chat allows you to respond to customer issues, queries, needs and demands in real time before they are spread all over the internet. Live chat can actually increase your websites conversion rate.  The following are ways how live chat increases conversion rates:

People trust other people not pages

Having a great website with well created web pages is not enough when it comes to getting traffic to your site. In fact 90 percent of individuals buying goods from online stores do not trust unknown websites. Scammers are always looking for opportunities to scam unsuspecting individuals through funny looking websites. This makes it hard for legitimate business people from starting a new website and getting customers buying from them. Therefore, if you want people to trust what you are offering set up live chat. When used properly live chat window can actually show customers that you are serious about them and that they can contact you directly. It is like putting a human face on your website.

Live chat answers simple questions your website will not answer

It is not easy for all your visitors to find answers to their problems directly from your website. There are those simple yet very important questions that customers and visitors might be having and since they cannot contact or ask you directly they tend to shy away from buying a product from your site. This will affect your business in some way as you will be losing potential customers. The use of email is not effective in the sense that, your customers will have to wait until when you see the email. This can take a couple of hours and even days. Live chat allows for a direct and seamless communication between you and your potential customers. A satisfied customer will always spread the great response your site offers and this will increase leads as well as conversions.

Most customers do not ask for help until you offer

One of the things feared by most online shoppers is the fact that you might experience problems with your product once you have purchased it and have no one to ask for help. This is why most physical convenient stores have employees stationed at various parts of the store to ask shoppers if they need any help with a particular product or looking for a particular item. This cannot be done online and the only way to ask your customers for help and making them feel welcome is by setting up live chat. With live chat you can ask your visitors if they need anything or if they are not pleased with something they will let you know. This is a great way of finding out what your customers’ demand of you and your business.

Qualifies leads on the spot

The main reason why people open up business or start online businesses is to make money through sales. You can only sell if people come or visit your store to buy goods or services. Leads are very important to any online store or website. However not every customer who visits your site is considered as qualified lead. Qualified leads are those individuals who have visited your website and are ready to make purchases from it. Having live chat enables you to ask interact and answer questions from potential customers and clients. This gives you the ability to change that visitor into a qualified lead and even a customer. In other words live chat can be used as a sales tool.

Focus on relationships, not transactions

Live chat is one way of creating long lasting relationships with your customers. It is important to understand that not everyone who comes to your website is ready or willing to make purchases. However, you can use live chat to engage with your visitors and start a relationship with him or her. This is one of the best ways of creating loyal customers. Building relationships with customers is not an easy thing but it is worth the effort. It builds trust, loyalty and reliability among your customers. They will always visit your store no matter what they are looking for. Others will recommend your store to others hence increasing leads and conversion rates. This is good to any online business as it will increase sales.

In conclusion, instead of focusing predominantly on trying to sell, always look for ways to interact with your visitors and customers. Interaction with your customers will lead to long term relationships and this will enhance conversion rates.

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