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How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Live Chat

Being among the most widely used communication channels adopted by most websites, live chat has ultimately found its correct position as a communication metric, which not only builds bridges with your audience and visitors but also sustains them in the long term. If correctly used, live chat can enhance customer loyalty, boost sales and improve your brand’s image. Most people prefer in-house live chat to outsourcing live chats but whichever you decide to choose, live chat is the way to go as far as addressing your customer’s needs and queries are concerned. The following are tips on how increase customer loyalty with live chat:

Treat every customer like a friend

It is not easy to meet each and every one’s needs and desires as far as customer service is concerned. However, this does not mean that you should be mean to those who provoke you. Always try to address each and every customer the best way you can. Try to find the best way you can help that customer no matter how rude he or she may sound. It is here that outsourcing live chat wins big. Outsourced individuals are well trained and have experience in handling almost all kinds of customers.

Encourage your customers to introduce their friends and family to your site

If a customer has great experience with your site he or she will definitely come back to shop or even find more information about your products. The same customer may even recommend your website to other users. This is a clear indication that you are building a good customer base and loyalty with your customers. A loyal customer is a satisfied customer.

Build trust and reliability

It is without a doubt that customers stick with brands they trust. It will take you a lot of effort and time to persuade a customer who trusts another brand to buy your brand. Building trust with your customers is very essential if you want them to be loyal customers. A customer needs to feel secure when buying an item. Therefore, try to show them that you are a trustworthy individual running a legitimate business. You can build trust by offering valid coupons, discounts, original products, answering their questions and queries correctly and being there when need arises. You can also enhance the checkout experience of website. Make it easy for customers to make purchases from your site securely and without any hitches.

Always be relevant

One of the reasons why many websites fail is due to irrelevance. Finding the right information required by your customer and audience is very important. When chatting with your customers try and ensure that you have an idea of what they are asking or trying to find out. Let the talk be about your products and services. In doing so your customers will always visit your site for vital information about the products they are purchasing. This way you will show that you know your industry perfectly well and know what you are doing. Focus on meeting your customers’ needs and wants other than filling your web pages with irrelevant information.

Respond to your customers in real time

As much as live chats bring about real time responses to customers, not all live chat support systems are managed by real people. Some people use software or robots to manage live chats. This can be risky if a customer asks a question that requires human reasoning. Real time response is essential in ensuring that your customer gets answers to their questions in the shortest time possible. If a customer asks a question and realizes that the response is automated, he or she will be infuriated and will never come back. Therefore first response is essential in building customer loyalty.

Personalised interactions

Live chat enables customer support representatives to not only interact with each customer independently but also have personalized interactions. Having personalized interactions helps you understand your customers well and know how best you can attend to their individual needs. By doing this, you will make your customers feel recognized and appreciated by your business. It will also enhance service delivery as each customer’s query will be addressed. This will make customers to always come back to your website hence building customer loyalty.

Around the clock service

In order to build trust with your customers you need to be reliable. You must be available when needed. This therefore means that you need to have live chat support system 24 hours a day seven days a week. It is here that outsourcing live chat comes in. Hiring professionals will mean that someone is always responding to your customer’s queries no matter the time of day. Customers need someone who will always be there even during holidays to respond to them. They will always visit your site simply because you are available at all times. This will build trust and loyalty among your customers in the long run.
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