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4 Ways Live Chat Can Improve Your Website’s Customer Journey

Website traffic is hard to measure. Visitors very often leave without finding the information they were looking for. In an instant you are left with no trace that they were ever on your page. Live chat acts as a great solution to this. It enables visitors to talk to a representative of your business in real-time. This is a huge advantage over your competitors. Customers are sure to have a vastly improved journey on your page because of this. Here are four simple reasons why…

1. A Personal Visitor Experience Is Hugely Beneficial

A website with a chat box offers customers a personal experience that generic websites don’t usually offer. The live chat experience has such a positive effect that a massive 63% of customers reported that they are more likely to return to a site that offers live chat. This therefore proves that happy customers are loyal customers. You are giving yourself an edge on your competitors by offering a personal live chat experience.

2. Live Chat Massively Improves Navigation

Web visitors can be dealt with directly with live chat, increasing navigation. This is an efficient way to offer customer service online. Customers are made aware of products or deals available. According to E-Consultancy figures it is reported that 83% of consumers will need some type of customer support whilst making a purchase. Therefore, it is a huge advantage that you can have a service agent made available. Any issues can then be ironed out.

3. People prefer basic customer service through live chat

People like to have their questions answered quickly and without hassle. Being put on hold or having to await a long reply for an email can seem daunting. Especially if the query has been asked a hundred times before. For an answer to basic questions, live chat is ideal. A study states that 63% of millennials prefer to have their basic customer service questions answered via live chat. The quick response times of live chat allows people’s basic queries to be resolved instantly. Furthermore, more complex queries can be escalated

4. The most vital part of the visitor journey: converting them to sign-ups!

A proactive chatbox, according to a study carried out by snapengage, is found to increase sign-ups by as much as 67%. So crucially the end of this journey is positive. With live chat in place it seems that from the very first impression to crucially the sign-up customers seem more influenced to commit to a purchase based on the standard of customer service provided.

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