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The Importance Of FAQs To Live Chat

FAQs – how do we get to know your business?

One of the most common questions our innovation in outsourced live web chat stirs up is: “how do your chat agents know even the first thing about our company?” The answer to this question isn’t quite as complex as you think. There’s no inside intel spying on your company to give us this insight. Our knowledge-base works quite simply: we know what you tell us!

Our “FAQs” feature of our chat system means that we can have some of your most commonly asked queries answered by our chat team. This effectively works to filter out those unnecessary phone calls you may receive who ask the same question over and over again – their question can be answered within seconds of landing on your page with use of our high-speed innovation in customer service.

How does it work?

When you apply for our service, our expert chat agents are able to study your website to see how it works, experience the visitor journey and identify the overall goals of the website. This is the first stage of creating FAQs, we look at it from the web visitors point of view, and gather any information we can to make a proposed set of FAQs to send over to you. This way you can get an idea of the format in which the FAQs form should be filled in. Take a look below at a typical FAQs form that you will be sent following your sign-up:

FAQs example.PNG

Our Proposed FAQ’s are designed to give you a head-start in providing all of the information needed for the perfect web chat solution. We understand that in business time is very important. So our proposed FAQ you get sent in your next steps email after signing up means that you don’t have to re-tell us all of the information that we can already find about you from looking on your web-page.

You can correct and add to the FAQs as you see fit and add to them as much as you like, and because the system works live we can update them at any time even after your chat system has been made live onto your website.

At Chat Heroes we wish to deliver you the very best service, that is fully customised to deliver the perfect chat support for your company website, so don’t be afraid to have a chat with your ‘Heroes’ should you have any news or updates surrounding your company.

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