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What Does “A Hero” Mean To You?

We have been talking this week about what it means to be a “Hero” and how we can live up to ‘hero level’ expectations  for our clients! It was really interesting to see how one word can mean so many different things to different people.

This is what being “A Hero” means to a few of our team:

“A hero to me isn’t necessarily the typical superhero figure who can fly around and save grannies and cats from burning buildings and chin the Hulk but someone who works towards something bigger than themselves, who puts the needs of others or the cause they believe in above their own wants and needs.”

Dan Newberry (Account Manager/Chat Agent)

“A hero to me is someone I can depend on. Someone who’s opinion I would seek and advice I would follow. They are self-assured and positive. They portray an image of having everything together, organised, and disciplined. They speak with authority.”

Alex Bayley-Kaye (Business Development Manager)

“To me a super hero is an absolute legend who saves the day. I would say an example of this is Hong Kong phooey he is a humble janitor who turns crime fighter when the world needs his assistance.”

Ryan Clement (Chat Agent)

“It’s someone who does something magnificent without expecting anything in return. For example inspirational figures rather than the comic book heroes people would usually associate.”

Connor McGregor (Content Editor/Chat Agent)

“The word Hero paints an image of someone who stands strong. They believe in a cause and they defend and support it. A hero is someone others can rely on, not to be taken care of, but as someone who is there to help and assist. A hero’s duty is to go that extra mile for those in need and take on a challenge so others don’t have to.”

Decklin Dawson (Chat Agent)

This has got me thinking. If we have come up with all these different opinions of what a hero is, then what does it mean to everyone else!

So what do you think, what does “A Hero” mean to you?