Heel and Toe Children’s Charity provide therapy to children with Cerebral Palsy and other physical disabilities.

Our highly skilled therapists can provide assessments, block treatments or regular 1.1 sessions. Specific aims and outcomes will be discussed during assessment and goals set.

We can provide specialist services for children which include an assessment or treatment. All assessments are carried out by highly skilled, highly qualified therapists.


To Attract New Fundraisers To Host 3rd Party Events

Heel and Toe Children’s Charity has been very successful at running and selling events over the year. There is however only X amount of events and Y amount of tickets we can sell each year, as a result our goal was to increase the number of 3rd party fundraising events. These are events organised and ran by volunteers with the donations going towards the charity.

Jane Long, Business Development Executive

“We signed up to have outsourced live chat to help engage with our website visitors that we would normally miss. So far, we have received leads from people who wish to receive help with children; have had a local artist offer us a painting for auctioning to raise funds and we have had 3 enquiries for people to do fundraising events on our behalf – even so much as a bungee jump!”


When we received enquiries through live chat about our events or wanting to support the charity, the Chat Heroes team would mention the option the host their own 3rd party event or participate in an organised event on the charities behalf. It was made clear how the charity would support them throughout the process and how much their contribution will help children in our local area.

Keys To Success

1. Proactive Engagement

When the opportunity arose the Chat Heroes team would skilfully mention and promote the idea of hosting a 3rd party event. Many of the website visitors did not know this was an option, it was an effective way of getting the message directly to the people that were interested in supporting the charity.

2. Lead Generation Through Experts

We often have new customers needing some expert support and vice that they cannot find on the website or product pages. On these occasions they will often ask the live chat agents, however because Chat Heroes do not offer expert advice they skilfully recommend the customer speaks to one of our experts which 9 times out of 10 the customer is delighted to do. The chat agents simply ask for their contact details which thy send to our team to follow up on. This was a powerful way of growing our mailing list and making sure we didn’t lose customers that would have ordinarily have left our site and gone to a competitor.

3. Build Customer Trust Quickly

Fast, reliable and supportive live chat give us two new elements that we had not considered before working with Chat Heroes. The first was quickly they built a relationship with the customer which gained their trust. The second was that our customers saw us as a larger business the we were which again built trust in our company. As a small start-up company at the time this allowed us to compete with larger brands and was vital to our rapid growth.