Gubagoo Alternative – for Car Sales

Is there a Gubagoo Alternative?

Sometimes you come across technology solutions that are so unique within a sector that they can do nothing but impress, with the way that the functionality has developed: Gubagoo alternative in the USA never mind the UK will be hard to come by.

Gubagoo is an American company that specialises in providing: live chat communication; advertising promotion; outsourced telephone engagement. One of the features that underpin this service is the IP tracking that allows the individual visitors to a website to be tracked and ‘scored’ according to the likelihood that they are to make a purchase.

Gubagoo also has the ability to allow external sales people to support and enter into outsourced live chat communication – to speed up the sales process. This is an interesting feature as it takes the function of live chat straight into a direct sales ‘conversation’.

As far as we can work out there is no Gubagoo alternative in the UK – however, there are individual companies that when combined – provide the possibility of the same functionality, however, delivered in a different way! The combination would be:-

  • IP Tracking
  • Sales Automation
  • Manned Live Chat
  • SMS Text Integration

The incredible thing about using this approach, in today’s marketing and technology world, is that collaboration and open connections of technologies mean that innovation and product uptake can be sped up – while reducing costs. would like to speak to anyone that wants to improve their car dealership sales performance.