Growing Business with Forward Ladies

Growing Business with Forward Ladies

Chat Heroes Growing – Calling out for Forward Ladies

Our very own Allison Lawton has been nominated for a Forward Ladies National Award. Hear what she had to say on her nomination…

I know many ” Forward Ladies ” who have achieved many successes through hard work, determination, working through an illness and the endless juggling of family life and work balance. I admire each and every one of them and know exactly how they all feel.

Recently I was nominated for an Award for Forward Ladies National Awards 2017. This came as a total shock to me as I don’t get many opportunities to leave the office and get out to be ‘visible’. Why me? What had I done? The answer given by the lovely lady who nominated me, was “you work hard, you are passionate about what you do! And because you deserve it!”.  So, I pondered this for a while and eventually submitted the application really out of respect for the lady who nominated me.

Does this resonate with you? I am very good at giving, recognising others and helping people strive to achieve their goals. Whereas, I am not good at taking or receiving praise and recognition! I know I work hard and am passionate about what I do. Every day since Sept 2015, when I joined my husband to run the Chat Heroes contact centre, I have worked relentlessly to build the whole Operations behind the business, created an amazing team who I am very proud of, worked on the quality, training, covering the Live Chat service myself and working many 80-hour weeks to achieve our goal within a unique business. I am proud to say, I am the backbone to our business and its growth and achievement so far. By completing my application for this amazing award, it has highlighted just how many hurdles I personally have overcome and what inner strength and belief I must have, especially over the last 8 years when life seemed to end! So, here I am, one week since I received notification from Forward Ladies, that I have been shortlisted for that amazing award and will be sitting at the Regional Finals on 22nd September with anticipation, pride and belief in what I, and our business, have achieved so far.

I would love to hear your story, over a coffee, if you feel you are a Forward Lady, and have juggled family life and achieved success. My team is expanding and I would love to welcome new North East ladies to that team. Come and Chat with me at  see also Forward Ladies website for more info.

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