6 Ways Live Chat Can Grow Your Online Sales Leads

6 Ways Live Chat Can Grow Your Online Sales Leads

Generating online sales leads is essential to any online business. Depending solely on website visitors finding and filling out your contact form as a way of generating  leads is not enough. Live chat is by far the best way of creating and generating qualified sales leads. Live chat offers your visitor and customers a fast, convenient and effective mode of communication while at the same time offering immense benefits to you as the business owner enhancing your business and sales. The following are 6 ways live chat grows your online leads:

Availability through live chat increases chances

Your availability from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening and from Monday to Friday might not be enough in growing leads to your site. Most internet users check out sites and visit websites when they are free. In most cases they check out during night hours when they have spare time. If your website does not have live chat that goes beyond the traditional working hours you might lose these leads. If you really want to see an increase in online leads and conversions, you should offer live chat support 24/7. An in house live chat support system can be a good idea but if you want a support system that goes beyond normal working hours you should consider outsourcing live chat support.

Initiates the conversation at the right time

Different kinds of people will visit your website. Some people will visit the site only to see how it looks like, some will visit to compare product prices as they have difficulties in making a decision to buy, others will be serious buyers who want to make purchases. Therefore, it will not be a good idea to start a live chat with someone who is just looking at your website without making any purchases. However, having a live chat enables customers who want to make purchases to actually ask relevant questions and if well answered they will make a purchase.  When you initiate a conversation at the right time you will be tapping the lead.

Presents a real human face

Customers and potential clients want to talk to real people not software or robots. When your visitors interact with a real human, they tend to feel wanted and appreciated by the way they are being treated and responded to. If you want to grow your online leads, train your live chat support agents to personalize their conversations and interactions with potential clients and visitors. Live chat heroes know how to personalize interactions and make a visitor feel more important to your business and even end up making a purchase.

Addresses pain points

This is one of the ways live chat can increase leads and even conversions to your website. A customer’s pain point is when a customer or visitor tries to seek for help with a product that he or she purchased from your store. Live chat allows you and your customers to interact freely. The customer can ask for a solution regarding a problem he or she is experiencing with one of your problems. If you efficiently respond and help that customer in solving his or her problem, the customer will feel appreciated and will continue using and buying products from your store. The customer will even recommend your store buy meds online to family and friends because of your ability to respond to his or her problems in the shortest time possible. This will in turn increase leads to your website.

Enhances service delivery

Live chat offers plenty of information about your visitors, which can be used to enhance service delivery. Going through live chat history, you will be able to learn one or two things about your visitor which will help you to serve that particular customer better. For instance, if a customer is not satisfied or is displeased with the way a product is designed or packed, the live support representative can try to find out if there is an alternate product with a different design or package but has the same features. If the alternative is available, the representative can suggest the product to the customer. This will help build valuable leads towards that product.

Allows upselling to create a higher return on sales leads

When you interact with your visitors and build a relationship with them through high level customer service, it is easy for you to increase leads through upsell. Through interaction with your visitors and customers, you will be able to learn their needs, preferences and demands. This will put you in a better position to recommend either for upgrades, add-ons or other available top brands. Doing this will increase online leads towards those other products. You can easily direct customers to make those important decisions about a certain product.

In conclusion, live chat is one of the best ways you can increase online sales leads to your website and products as well. You get to interact with your visitors and if you respond to their queries effectively, they will end up buying an item or two from your site.
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