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5 Skills To Develop To Be Great At Customer Service

In any business that you come across you’ll find that the attention to customer service is priority, and so it should be. Good customer service for your customers is like feeding stray cats quality cat food; they’re always going to keep coming back for more. So here are five great customer service traits to help your team improve…

1. Understand The Customer First

First, communicate with the customer to get an understanding of exactly what he/she is looking for, or what the issue is. Your second step is then to reassure the customer, letting them know that you have understood what their requirements are and to let the customer know how you are about to help them. Lastly, the service itself – whether that be helping the customer personally or referring them to the relevant department to deal with their query.

2. Efficiency Is Key To Great Customer Service

Remaining patient and keeping your cool will always pay off in the end and will show that you are an attentive and positive person.Going that extra mile for customers will definitely show that you are engaging with them and making the customer your priority, which they are!

Your attitude towards the individual can impact your customer’s experience in 2 ways; they will either be fully satisfied by the attention you showed. Alternatively they will be disappointed if you have not replied to them with the correct answer or even worse, not replied at all. This will leave your customers pretty angry with your service and unlikely to return.

3. Have Thorough Knowledge Of Your Products and Services.

Knowledge of your product will always support your ability to offer great customer service. To be able to sell your product you must be able to answer any questions that a customers may have. When assisting customers online a good idea would be to do some online research during your downtime at work, or to have a product page open. However when face to face with customers you should already know your product inside out. It takes just one wrong answer to not only put off a customer but disappoint your team and especially your boss.

4. Be Adaptable

Your customers are sometimes going to spring onto you some unexpected scenarios, these can sometimes be inconvenient. Although with the right attitude you will be able to handle these experiences with a professional attitude.

People will come to you with something that will knock your right out of your comfort zone, expect it to happen! How much you value your customer service will exhibit in the way you respond to these unanticipated surprises. To be able to deal with these experiences you should be fully confident in yourself at work and in your company, always remaining professional.

Your customers are relying on you to deliver a calm and professional level of customer service. You can be totally freaking out inside, but as long as you remain calm and collected on the outside you will show an excellent level of customer service that any company will be envious of. Having a strong customer service will always end in your company’s success.

5. Take On Board and Encourage Feedback

To optimise the customer service experience, it’s always massively important to utilise the opinions of your customers to help your business improve. After all who knows better than the people who buy your products and use your services themselves? Often feedback can be so valuable it may even be worth giving special offers such as discount on a customers’ next purchase or a small give-away to show you appreciate it, but whatever way you can make sure you get your customers opinions and act to iron out any issues that are reoccurring.

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