Fresh Start Events Case Study


Fresh Start Events organise business and trade events across the United Kingdom, they are trendsetters and innovators. Whether you’re attending as a delegate, an exhibitor or a sponsor they make sure you have a great day and get the most for your business.


We wanted a simpler way to manage enquiries from people that wanted information about our events. We didn’t have the additional staff to provide this service on a daily basis, we utilised Chat Heroes’ live chat service which helped facilitate and manage that process.

Marc Gordon, Fresh Start Events Partner

“Fantastic service, great product which has done wonders for our lead conversion. For the cost, you would be foolish not to use it”


“Before we had the live chat service we had a telephone answering service who were taking up to 100 enquiries month. Since we’ve had Chat Heroes’ live chat we’ve noticed those calls have been reduced to approximately 10 per month.”

Fresh Start Events - North East Expo

Keys To Success

1. Participating

Chat Heroes has exhibited at many of our events which in turn has allowed them to see first hand how our events are run. The partnership that we created has allowed us to effectively work together to provide a quality customer service to our website users.

2. Education

After the initial success of the live chat service we continued to provide the Chat Heroes team with additional information on our events, so that they can answer further enquiries.

3. Feedback

We visited the Chat Heroes contact centre to provide feedback/training and to listen to their thoughts on how to improve this service, from this we created a plan to provide support to answer questions that would otherwise get redirected to us.