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9 Tips To Find A Business Sponsor For Your Chat Heroes Chat Box

A Business Sponsor is a person or company that enables Chat Heroes to man live chat on your website for free which help increase donations, fundraising and volunteers for your charity. They can be any size business, from a start-up company with one employee through to large corporate companies.

Your business sponsor pays the service for you by sponsoring your chat box, meaning you receive the benefits of specialists chat agents, building relationships with your web site visitors, which gain trust in your charity and increases online support.
Here are 9 tips to find a chat box charity sponsor

1. Add a “Business Sponsor” Page to Your website

Businesses are looking to support and sponsor charities in various ways all the time, make it clear on you website that you are looking for in a chat box business sponsor and what they need to do to sponsor your charity. Make it clear what they will receive and why they should sponsor you. (Members of our Chat Heroes Charity Program will receive a “Business Sponsor Pack to help with these details) Also include instructions on how they can apply to become your business sponsor, this may be to contact a specific person, call the charities phone line or fill in a contact form. Whatever it is, make it easy for them to understand and carry out.

2. Create a “Chat Box Business Sponsor Pack”

A “Chat Box Business Sponsor Pack” outlines the benefits related to sponsoring your charities chat Heroes chat box and what they need to do to apply to become your sponsor. Your business sponsors will want to know what is in it for them too. Don’t simply state what you do; explain why you impact lives and how sponsoring your chat box will benefit them. This should be created as a digital document that can be sent via email or printed and given face to face. Your charity can create your own, or you will also be given one from Chat Heroes when you become a member of the Chat Heroes Charity Program.

3. Ask Current Business Sponsors

Businesses that currently sponsor your charity should be the first businesses to call to become your charity chat box sponsor. They are highly likely to jump at the chance to be promptly placed on your website and may not be happy if they have not been given the opportunity to support you in this way.

4. Social Media

Regularly share on your social media platforms that you are looking for a chat box business sponsor along with links to your dedicated chat box business sponsor page. It is also a great idea to share success stories about your charity, successes past businesses have had along with any benefits they business will receive by becoming your sponsor.

5. Word of mouth

Tell your staff, trustees, benefactors of your charity, donators, supporters, volunteers…basically everyone you can that you are looking for a chat box business sponsor. It is amazing how many businesses these people will know and how quickly you can find a business that is looking to support a charity.

6. Networking

Attend local business networking events, as a charity you will be welcomed and is an amazing opportunity to grow your contact list and directly speak with chat box business sponsors. Networking events are often free or in-cure a small cost. Ask around for the best local networking events or find one on Eventbrite.

7. Check out other local charities

Take a look at other local or similar charities and see who is sponsoring them. Many businesses sponsor more than one charity, contact these businesses and ask if they are looking to sponsor any more charities and if they would consider yours. Also use these businesses to build a profile of potential chat box business sponsors:
• What type of businesses they are?
• Where they are?
• What is their turnover?
• How many employees do they have?
• Why are they sponsoring that charity?
• What does the business receive in return?
• How much have they donated?

8 Phone up and ask

This technique is now very rarely used but is still highly effective. There is no harm in simply asking if a business would be interested in sponsoring your charities chat box. It is best to avoid Mondays and early morning calls. You may quickly find a business that has been looking for to sponsor a charity but have not taken the first step and found the right charity for them.

9. PR

Looking for a business sponsor is a great opportunity to do PR and build awareness of your charity. Target business related publications based on your location and targeted business profile. You can try writing your own article or ask around for local PR companies that offer support to charities to create and spread the article for you.

Hopefully with the help of these nine methods, you will be able to find a business sponsor to support your chat heroes chatbox. For more information on our charity news take a look at our category Chat Heroes For Charity!

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