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What Is Good Customer Service Online?

The customer market has changed a lot. With these changes, the service provided to support it has had to also evolve. In this customer-centric age the standards are constantly rising. Market leaders have improved their customer service massively to adapt with the times. As a result customer service isn’t what it once was. The evolution of customer service has been a rapid one. Therefore, to keep you updated, here are a few pointers to take not of regarding the customer service expectations of today.

Quick personalised responses are now a service benchmark

People expect answers fast. In the online market emails are a very popular way for people to make customer enquiries. Furthermore, instant messaging apps and social media are now at the very height of intercommunication. With this in mind, it’s key that customer service networks make themselves available online for customers on social media too. According to a survey 39% of modern consumers expect a reply to an email within 4 hours, and 55% of social media users also want a response in less than 4 hours. So in order to have happy customers, make sure you are responding in good time to their queries. Any longer than 4 hours for your response, and you could end up with very dissatisfied customers. 

People want their experiences to be personalised

Having a large client-base is what every company wants. With the introduction of the online market this has been made very possible to achieve with the right marketing campaign. But managing this to reach all of your customers on a personal level is key. Competition is so high that every last customer needs to be made to feel valued. A Monetate/Econsultancy study found that personalised web experiences on average, equate to a 19% uplift in sales. The evolution of customer service has meant that people can be reached in a personal way in their millions.

Customers expect extended hours of service

We are living in an age in which customers are so valuable, that companies will cater to be as convenient as possible for them. With an online market, and an online world that seems to operate all hours, extended hours of support are crucial. Google offer 24/5 support on English channels, setting a standard for online businesses. Customers are more widespread than ever before with online businesses. Therefore, your business needs a customer service arrangement that will support this.

Consistency is of vital importance in today’s standard of customer service

It’s always a great idea to set a definitive standard  for your company’s customer service to hit as a rule. However, additionally to this standard, it’s the tracking of how consistently you manage to hit these heights that is of vital importance. According to an eGain survey of 5,000 consumers, one of  the biggest issues in customer service was inconsistency among customer service agents. These issues will come back to haunt you. If you are associated with having poor and inconsistent customer service agents, it’s less likely people will be willing to invest in your brand. Make sure you have the right training for your staff. This way customers get a great experience every time.

I hope these insights into the evolution of customer service in today’s online market have helped you. If you have enjoyed this blog or have anything that you would add to the list of the ever-changing expectations of customer service please talk to our very own in-house customer service gurus through the chat tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

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