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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Live Chat

Live Chat can be a great customer service solution. However there are certain habits that can be better than others when using web chat to get the best results in customer satisfaction. Having conferred with my team of specialist chat agent,  I have put together a definitive list of Do’s and Don’ts of live chat, beginning with the do’s…

Do – engage with your visitor

The positive of live chat from a user perspective is that they can speak to a person. According to studies, 77% of online shoppers want to contact a real person before buying. The proactive setting that can be adjusted on most live chat software, can be incredibly useful for ensuring web visitors are engaged and assisted. It’s also important you make sure they know you actually are a person. This means no robotic one-liner answers, and maximum understanding shown to reassure them at a crucial part of their online transaction.

Do – Be personal with your visitors

People who are about to invest in your brand, want to know that they are valued. So the small things are certainly important when engaging in a live chat with a potential customer. Simple details can be easier to get wrong than you might think. In fact, a Kissmetrics study found that 51% of customers claimed that companies can be impersonal and make simple mistakes such as getting a customer’s name wrong. It’s well worth being a cut above the rest if you want to build a reputation for the right reasons.

Do – Be as polite as possible

“It’s nice to be nice” as the old saying goes; with Kissmetrics reporting that 73% of consumers saw friendly customer service representatives as a major factor that would convince them to stick to a brand, you could say doubly so as far as your company is concerned. It’s not difficult to be polite, and it could mean the difference between keeping a customer and never seeing them again.

Do – Always make that extra effort

Exceeding expectations can make you stand out as a company where customer service is concerned. As many as 84% in a Harvard Business Review study  say that their expectations had not been exceeded in their last customer service interaction. This statistic is undeniably shocking. Exceeding expectations is what great customer service is all about, so go ahead and make someone’s day and go above and beyond for your customers.

Now that we have had the round up of what you absolutely should do to be awesome at live chat, let me now shed some light on the don’ts of live chat:

Don’t – make lots of transfers between agents

Uncertainty and customer support do not mix. If someone is having problems with their product or service, the last thing they want is to be switched from department to department and from agent to agent to have this resolved. It was found in a Zendesk study that 72% blame their bad customer service experience on having to explain their problem to multiple people. So try your very best to deal with customer issues as the first point of contact if possible, and if you can’t help make sure they are reassured that they will be directed to the right place first time.

Don’t – keep your visitor waiting for answers

Life is too short to have to wait for customer service agents to get back to you. According to an online survey on live chat 60% of customers would agree, and hate waiting longer than a minute for support. The immediacy of live chat means there should be no excuses for customers having to wait for answers. So make sure you respond within 30 seconds to every chat to ensure visitors aren’t left waiting.

Don’t – Be a lazy chat agent

Customer Service can be measured accurately on the amount of effort made by the customer service agent themselves. So just think what are you willing to do to ensure your customers walk away with a smile? According to a Harvard Business Review study 59% have to expend moderate-to-high effort to resolve an issue. Make sure you don’t make this stat true of your level of customer service. Minimal effort is definitely the way forward, and as good a reason as any for your company to stand out.

Don’t – be too negative

Stay positive over live chat. You must remember that using a live chat system all that your visitors will receive are words on the page. So it’s very important to use the right words to ensure people don’t get the wrong idea!  A study from Harvard Business Review found that avoiding negative words like “can’t,” “won’t,” or “don’t” can reduce the Customer Effort Score by as much as 18.5%. Positive vibes can make a big difference to your customer satisfaction, so make sure to be as positive as possible to put your visitors in the same mind-set.

Hopefully these tips have given you insight into the do’s and don’ts of live chat. Our team of experienced agents follow these faithfully. So if you think this is all a little too much to take on board, why not recruit Chat Heroes today starting with your complimentary 30 day free trial?

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