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Designing Your Custom Livechat Service

Your customised service…

The livechat box, similarly to your webpage itself, is an active extension of your company. We like our service to be tailored to be the perfect fit for your brand, we aim to meet this with both our online customer service technique and general aesthetic of the actual chatbox itself. We understand your desire to have complete control over the sort of service we deliver for your company.  We’ve had experience dealing with a range of different clients including estate agents, B&B’s and even Funeral Director’s. As expected all of these sectors required a different kind of service, but each benefited in their own way from our innovation in live web chat.

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Choose the colour of your chat box, in order to match your website’s colour scheme.

Reactive or Proactive Livechat?

Our chat service here at Chat Heroes is fully customisable, and so you have the option to have your chat support exactly how you want it. One main option that you have a choice in is the decision between having a proactive or reactive chat box. A proactive chat box being the option in which the chat box will spring up and ask if any assistance is needed automatically, and the reactive being the type of chat box that must be activated by the visitor in order for a chat to begin.

At Chat Heroes we strongly recommend the proactive chat box in order to get the most out of your service and crucially to get more leads! Below in this info-graphic these figures should tell you exactly why proactive chat is more effective than reactive livechat:

 Proactive chat stats (1)

Statistics sourced from Bold Chat.

So to summarise, proactive chat makes web visitors more receptive, more likely to purchase, and increases the volume of chats substantially. The proactive option acts as a spotlight for the chat box, people don’t expect the assistance that live chat can offer and so showcasing the window by having it pop up to alert them is the best way to get a response.

The statistics speak for themselves in the battle of proactive chat against reactive chat, but think for yourself: would you be more likely to engage if you were politely invited to chat or if you had to initiate it yourself? A lot of people are unaware of what live chat actually is so if left unengaged it’s unlikely they’d choose to click the “live chat” tab if left to browse by themselves. Having a chat assistant openly invite you makes all the difference, it’s the online equivalent of a friendly shop assistant, offering your potential customers the very best service to help them through their web experience and maximise conversions.

Your Chat Heroes web chat solution can be tailored exactly the way you want, but this ultimately relies on a good working relationship between our team and our clients. So don’t be frightened to get in touch for a chat with our heroes at any time if you’re a client, or even if you’re just interested in what it is that we do, we look forward to hearing from you!

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