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5 Online Customer Service Wins

Customer service doesn’t always have to be as plain as resolving issues and being done with it. In an online world full of social media users it’s very important to remember who your customers are: living, breathing people. Unless you have been living under a rock you would know that online interactions tend to have a lot more about them than just your average conversation. People see online support as a way to connect with their favourite brands, and quite often they will choose to do this in their own way. The important thing when tackling online interactions is to use your own human side to bring out a bit more character in your brand. Getting shared and retweeted is a great way to get your brand out there, and positive interactions make this possible, so take a look at some of these major online customer service wins…

Sainsburys Twitter Puns

Sainsbury's Online Customer Service Win

You can get a range of different communications online with your brand on social media. Whether they be serious or just a bit of fun, it’s always a good idea to respond. This interaction between a customer with supermarket Sainsbury’s is a perfect example of how you can not only make light of a complaint to your store but also make your brand seem that much more appealing. Things don’t always go perfectly to plan in your company, and consumers don’t necessarily expect that. But having a bit of fun out of the scenario can make your company come off as a great brand that people would like to interact with more.

ASOS Online Stylists

ASOS Live Chat

A great feature that online fashion giants ASOS decided to add was a stylist live chat feature. This feature is great for online users as it gives back that part of clothes shopping that critics would claim online companies such as ASOS lack compared to competitors. As a unique feature of style advice it gives the customer something to come back for with great advice such as seen above.  Sometimes all people are looking for is another’s opinion when shopping online.

Netflix sailing to customer service success

Netflix Customer Service Win

Netflix live chat is renowned for adding an element of fun to their customer service. Above you can see the agent turns the chat into a role play scenario of two members of a ship crew from what was in the first instance a normal request. With the nature of this complaint it’s a great strategy to take as it almost diverts a little from the frustration of the initial query. Adding such novelty means people are likely to be talking about your company. Create a brand that people love to interact with and you’re certainly onto a winning formula.

Royal Dutch Airlines going the extra mile on social media

KLM Twitter Customer Service

Omni-channel customer service is rapidly becoming a norm of online support. Extending your support to Twitter is a great way to publicise the great work that your company puts into customer service. Efficient responses to Twitter posts like you can see above takes the customer service to the people. Making everything that much more convenient for your customer market.

Nike brings the savings to online support

Nike Customer Service

Providing support online during a transaction can mean that you are in a perfect position to sweeten the deal. As seen here this chat operator at Nike has taken the opportunity to offer a discount code to be used by the customer. It’s always important to offer your customers the best possible deal to keep them sweet. This will mean a boost to your online pharmacy without prescription store too – nothing says exceptional service quite like 10% off!

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