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40% Of Our Chats Generate Leads!

At Chat Heroes we pride ourselves as a great solution to generate leads for your company, we want to be your definition of hero and more. We have been analysing the thousands and thousands of live chats we have had over the past 6 months and the results have completely blown us away.

We increased the amount of chats we have had month on month but we continue to improve chat performance!

There are many ways we analyse chat performance but the question we are asked the most is: “how many leads will you get me?” There are many different methods of generating leads such as blogs and email marketing strategies, but none of these are quite like our innovative system that harnesses your web traffic and turns it into sales leads for you to follow-up on.

For the first time we can confirm that 40% of our chats generate leads for our customers!

This has been taken from the past 6 months of chatting across all industries that we work with. We are looking to create more specific stats based on industry, time/day of week, most asked questions and all the other amazing data our chat software saves for us.

Our high lead generation performance has been largely down to the introduction of our new Contact Centre Manager that has carried out weekly training with all our live chat agents.

We will continue to improve by investing in training of our chat agents and listening to our customers to provide a great service tailored to them. Our aim is to generate leads from 50% of the chats we have.

I want to say a huge congratulations to our hard working team and bring on the next 6 months!

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