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Chat Heroes and SEO

It has been proven time and time again how effective the chat services provided by Chat Heroes can be. However, the level of success for any client depends on the ability to monetise their existing online business via the traffic to the website. Without website visitors and a decent level of traffic however, most businesses are doomed to failure.

How Do I Get Traffic?

Many businesses are local and looking to attract local clients and many are aware of the need for SEO, However, they do not fully understand why they need it.

The first thing to think of is the level of competition for similar services in your local area or region, and therefore the similar type keywords used to get found on page 1 that you, and your competitor use. Therefore, having a presence on page 1 is vital to have any chance of getting local website visitors to find your website.

What Is SEO?

At its core, search engine optimisation is about KEYWORDS and LINKS.



A Good USER EXPERIENCE is the end goal.

However, google are making it much more difficult to get a website ranked. As ranking factors continue to change constantly and while getting ranked for “local Keywords” is still possible, getting ranked on page 1 for the country extension, ie can be an all but impossible task for some keywords. Clients must take this on board.

However, this depends on the competition and commercial value of the keywords involved as there is no one size fits all scenarios and an audit would need to be undertaken to assess the viability of the project of the client’s website plus competitors.

Is SEO Worth Doing?

Most definitely! A simple example would be for a keyword that receives say 1000 queries per day.  A number 1# position keyword could expect to receive 360+ clicks per day from that keyword alone, approx 36% of total clicks.

If a client value is worth say £200 for this keyword you can be sure that this business would be getting many enquiries and new business daily.

A competitor on the same page but lower down for the “same keyword” would expect to receive approx 26 clicks per day from the same keyword or about 2.6% of total clicks.  A VAST difference.

In some cases, the effects of the SEO applied can have immediate benefit while others can take time to move up the rankings. However, this should explain why (search engine optimization) is crucial to get your business ranked.

There are many variables involved in the SEO process above which also includes social media marketing, PPC marketing, content marketing, link building, influencer marketing and more, and too much to go into this short explanation of SEO.

Ascension Business however, is happy to work with Chat Heroes and help their existing client database raise their online presence. We offer a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to Chat Heroes clients who wish to discuss SEO and grow their existing business online.

To book a NIL COST 30 Minute SEO Audit by our trusted partner please book here please contact Chat Heroes today!

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