Coco is an international children’s charity. We work with local communities in remote regions of the developing world to alleviate the poverty preventing children’s education. COCO works alongside communities in East Africa to provide sustainable solutions to the problems preventing children from accessing education. We listen to the communities we work with, learn from them during the development process and ensure that programmes are sustainable in the long-term for a lasting impact.


The Right To An Education

Coco believes that all children, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or economic circumstance should have the opportunity to receive an education. Their mission is to work with people living in poverty in remote regions of the developing world, remove obstacles preventing children accessing education and find sustainable and innovative solutions to poverty that impact on.

Bradley French, Overseas Operations Manager.

“Within 24 hours of our Chat Heroes going live we received an enquiry from someone interested in volunteering in our office. The enquiries have not slowed since, we’ve received over ten enquiries from prospective projects; attracted several new volunteers and even been put in touch with someone interested in climbing Kilimanjaro on our behalf.”


COCO has seen continuous success through live chat lead generation in the form of online donations, volunteers and most impressively through fundraisers taking on challenges like Mount Kilimanjaro. An opportunity they feel they would missed without Chat Heroes. Since filming we have worked closely with Brad French (Overseas Operations Manager) and continued to train our chat agents to improve and optimise our performance. We are now proud to say that we have increased their monthly lead generation by 29%. We work hard to develop our relationship with our charities to keep improving our live chat service.

Keys To Success

1. Additional Training

Chat Heroes has an open door policy and we asked to meet the chat agents to spend time with them talking about our products and business. This additional training was invaluable and was key to giving Natural Nutrients the confidence to allow Chat Heroes to chat on our behalf and give the agents the knowledge of provide the service our customers need.

Training included the basic f the difference between products and their health benefits which then enabled them to recommending products based on customer needs for example if a custom has a gluten intolerance they understood what this meant, all products that were suitable for them and where to find them on the website.

2. Lead Generation Through Experts

We often have new customers needing some expert support and vice that they cannot find on the website or product pages. On these occasions they will often ask the live chat agents, however because Chat Heroes do not offer expert advice they skilfully recommend the customer speaks to one of our experts which 9 times out of 10 the customer is delighted to do. The chat agents simply ask for their contact details which thy send to our team to follow up on. This was a powerful way of growing our mailing list and making sure we didn’t lose customers that would have ordinarily have left our site and gone to a competitor.

3. Build Customer Trust Quickly

Fast, reliable and supportive live chat give us two new elements that we had not considered before working with Chat Heroes. The first was quickly they built a relationship with the customer which gained their trust. The second was that our customers saw us as a larger business the we were which again built trust in our company. As a small start-up company at the time this allowed us to compete with larger brands and was vital to our rapid growth.

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