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5 Foolproof Ways To Capture Website Visitor Data

Data capture is vitally important in any marketing campaign. It’s all very well creating the right content, but ultimately you need someone to target. Capturing data through your website can be highly effective. However, you need to make sure you are using the correct techniques to ensure success. To help you out here are 5 foolproof ways to capture website visitor data ready for you to use in any way you wish…

1. Social Media

Social media is always a great way to promote your company. Studies carried out by HubSpot show that 80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic to their website.You can use your chosen platform to promote offers that require email addresses and encourage your conversions to spread the word by using social sharing buttons.

2. Offer an E-book

Content marketing is a great way to engage your website visitors. According to studies 70% of consumers prefer to get to know a company through original articles. People always appreciate the relevant hints and tips that fresh content can give. You can utilise this by creating case studies and e-books that your visitors must sign up in order to have access to.

3. Competition giveaways

There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned competition to get people’s attention. If you manufacture goods yourself available to giveaway it’s a great way to get test samples out there and get people talking. Also if you have connections with people who do, you could offer to promote their brand if they give you some goodies to giveaway. According to Hub Spot statistics one third of entrants into competitions will accept the option to receive information from brands and partners. Displaying the benefits of adding a little healthy competition into your marketing efforts.

4. Host an online webinar

Online webinars can be as flash or as inexpensive as you wish. However the benefits for creating video content such as this are massive. In fact, a massive 75% of executives told Forbes that they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. This is further boosted by the fact that you are offering exclusive and potentially interactive content. If people can see that they will get exclusive access to original content in the form of a webinar, it is highly likely that they will be more than happy to give their details.

5. Live Chat

Live Chat is one of the most successful ways to capture data. The proactive invite that most web chat solutions are able to provide can capture a visitors attention.  The one-to-one service means that the visitors can be assured that they will be helped and therefore means they will most likely provide some details where they can be reached. It was reported from a recent study we carried out that 40% Of Our Chats Generate Leads, meaning a massively high rate of return for usable data of interested potential customers.

I hope this blog has inspired you to optimise your website to be the ultimate tool to capture data. For more helpful business tips or even just for an update on everything Chat Heroes please like and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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