Support Your Favourite Charity & Ethically Generate New Leads For Your Business

Support your favourite charity and demonstrate a measurable corporate social responsibility commitment by sponsoring their manned live chat box. Our manned live chat service puts your favourite charity in direct conversation with donors, fundraisers and volunteers wherever they’re searching, anytime they need you, no matter the device they’re using.


The first money back guarantee in the UK for Charities and Business Sponsors

Chat Heroes provides online customer service on your favourite charities website through a manned live chat service that delivers charitable leads, 7 days a week.

Our team of experienced Chat Heroes use frequently asked questions, approved by your own chosen charity experts, to effectively provide high quality customer service support to donors, volunteers, potential charity users and fundraisers.

Your business has the opportunity to sponsor your chosen charities chat box from as little as £8/day.

Your sponsorship is eligible to tax relief and provides you with ethical advertising for your business.

How Do You Turn £8/Day Into £000’S For Your Favourite Charity?

Your chosen charity can thrive through outsourced manned live chat at nil cost.

Ethically giving your business prime position on your charities websites and turning your small sponsorship from £8/day into thousands of pounds with of additional donations and fundraising support.

For approximately £8 Per Day

On average, business sponsors pay approximately £8 per day. The amount of sponsorship depends on the amount of chats your charity has per month. The more chats your charity has, the more your business is seen.

Tax Relief On Contribution

Paying for your favoured charity chat box is classed as a business sponsorship and the payment is eligible for 100% charitable tax reliefs.

Prime Advertising Space

Your logo appears on the charities chat box. The more chats the charity has, the more effective your CSR orientated sponsorship is.

No Tie In Contracts

The business sponsorship can be done on a month by month basis, meaning there is no long term commitment and you can cancel your business sponsorship at any time with no hidden fees.


Try our manned live chat service for 30 days. With no card details taken, there is no risk and no obligation.

We work on a month by month basis, meaning there is no minimum term or long term contracts. You can cancel the service at any time.

We work with you to get your chat box live on your site as quickly as possible. We have had clients approve FAQ’s, design a custom chat box and install the code on their site within hours of registering.
We work with you to create a small database of Frequently Asked Questions, which means all the responses given to your website visitors are pre-approved by you. For any questions we cannot answer we will take their contact details and send them through to a member of your team as a lead.
Yes, our contact centre and all staff are UK based, you are welcome to come visit us and meet the team at any time. Our office address is Town Hall Chambers, High Street East, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE28 7AT.
% Of people hate waiting longer then 60 seconds for a chat
% of people want to speak to a real person before purchasing


COCO has seen continuous success through live chat lead generation in the form of online donations, volunteers and most impressively through fundraisers taking on challenges like Mount Kilimanjaro. An opportunity they feel they would missed without Chat Heroes.

Since filming we have worked closely with Brad French (Overseas Operations Manager) and continued to train our chat agents to improve and optimise our performance. We are now proud to say that we have increased their monthly lead generation by 29%.

We work hard to develop our relationship with our charities to keep improving our live chat service.

A member of the charities team must register the charity as we will need to have direct contact with them to update their FAQ Database and send the live chat code too.

Yes, we recommend you speaking to your favoured charity straight away before another business has the chance to speak with them. They then need to Register Their Interest and state you are their business sponsor.

No, your business will be the only business on the chat box

Yes, potentially we can, you have a couple of choices,

  1. Find a charity you would like to be connected with and contact them
  2. Register your interest today and state that you have not connected to a charity as we have charities in our database looking for business sponsors

Yes, through business sponsorship you can sponsor as many charities as you wish, please state how many/which charities you would like to sponsor when your register your interest.

Yes, this let all parties know how many chats the charity can expect to see on average, more chats they have, and more people see your business logo on the live chat box.

It is impossible for us to know until we add Chat Heroes to their website. They will receive a 30 day free trial to check how many chats they will receive

You sponsor your charity on a month by month basis which you can continue for as long as you wish or cancel at any time.