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Boost Your Instagram Followers With These 5 Hacks

Growing your Instagram follower base may seem simple to you if you work on the principle of like-follow-repost. This social media site may not be something you should underestimate however. Instagram recently outnumbered Twitter in terms of users and really distinguishes the categories and groups of people using the service. With this being said, people are not only entitled to follow who they choose, who they follow also directly impacts their “Home Feed”. Therefore, it’s massively advantageous to maximise your followers on Instagram. To boost your Instagram followers, it will take work, and it can be intimidating from the perspective of someone only just starting out on this platform. So in order for you to reach your full potential on Instagram, we recommend you try these 5 hacks that will get your Instagram profile off the ground and gaining that much needed exposure.

1. Optimise Your Profile to get the best out of it

Just as you optimise your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can do the same on Instagram – starting with the best business name as your profile. Ignore the symbols and focus on choosing a name that will be easy to be searched for and a representative profile picture – which in many cases is the logo of the brand.

2. Cross Promotion makes it easy

Cross promoting on Instagram is a great way to leverage a targeted follower base. Selecting badges to embed on your other networks, but also use in the header of your website and your email signature is a best way to let your existing visitors follow you on Instagram whilst creating a representative image for the new ones.

3. Use Hashtags to boost your Instagram posts

Hashtags are the big thing on the Internet, and on Instagram, they are really big. Letting you know how popular are your posts and how many people there are talking about your brand, hashtags are simply a great tool to use.

And… Shall we remind you of a recent survey that found people and brands using 11+ hashtags on Instagram received an average 78 interactions on the social network? There you have it – so why not stick some relevant hashtags in order to boost your Instagram posts to their full potential.

4. Tell A Story

Instead of any generic approach you may consider, Instagram is all about telling your brand’s story. The use of filters and the way to connect with the people on Instagram is through pictures – and is there a better way to tell a story than with pictures? From ‘behind the scenes’, to ‘new collections’ and even morning coffee mugshots, make sure you tell your brand’s story in the best way possible!

5. Give something away

It was found that brands on Instagram that offer any form of incentive, whether it’s a month-free subscription or an actual product sweepstakes – do engage in a better way and grow their follower base. Once you get the idea of the best campaign for your business, make sure you engage your followers to like it and share it, but also the new ones to do the same – so your Instagram profile can be seen in the easiest way.

Instagram is really all about delivering a story with pictures (and videos), he need for a strategy therefore is lacking. However, as long as you try to interact with people and fill up their needs with your content, you are on to a great way of growing your Instagram followers count. I hope these 5 hacks have gone some way to help you understand how best to perfect your Instagram account for business and in time boost your followers. This social media platform is now well-established as one of “the biggies” so it’s advisable that you use it as best you can to create the perfect picture of your business model for your potential customers to see.

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