How Your Chatbox Could Boost Your Monthly Earnings

How Your Chatbox Could Boost Your Monthly Earnings

At Chat Heroes we’re all about synchronicity. We aim to be the most super online tool to help your company thrive online possible. So in the interest of doing exactly that, this blog aims to inspire you once again to help us help you. You may or may not have heard about our affiliate scheme at Chat Heroes. Well at our Chat headquarters we have thought up a new way in which you can get the most both out of the scheme and our chat service in one great package. This can be achieved by turning your chatbox into a call to action to join our chat service. So here are the steps to achieve this and make your chat service and affiliate status compliment each other perfectly.

So here is a standard chatbox:


Notice the bottom grey strip where the “Chat provided by Chat Heroes” message is, this in a sense is the key to this method of utilising your chat service and affiliate account. This icon has a link to our website as part of our standard package. However what we are allowing all of our wonderful affiliates to do, as a thank you for signing up, is to use your affiliate link on this icon. Meaning anyone who clicks through this link and signs up to our service, will be credited to your affiliate account. Sounds great right? Well here are the steps to achieve this.

Step 1: If you haven’t already become an affiliate

If you haven’t signed up to our affiliate scheme but like the sound of making extra money from your chat service, we have a guide to signing up as an affiliate here.

Step 2: Notify through chat so we can set up code.

Get in touch with our team that you wish to use the logo on your chatbox as your affiliate link, and our team are more than happy to co-operate, you can chat via our chat system at the side of the screen or get in touch and leave your information using the contact us page.

Step 3: The team will update your chatbox

Our team will then get to work updating your chatbox. This should take up to two working days to be altered. Then we will send you the code with the new one, with the affiliate link embedded on the bottom of the chatbox.

Step 4: Add the new code to your site

Once this is carried out, all you must do is replace your old chatbox code with the new one, and your affiliate code should be live on your chatbox. Then all you must do is check with our team that the affiliate link is working and you are good to go.

I hope this step-by-step has guided you well, but if you still have more questions, you can always chat to our team using the live chat tab on the side of this page.

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