Become a Chat Heroes Affiliate
  • Earn 20% Commission Every Month

    For every business, you refer to the live chat affiliate program who become a customer you will receive 20% every month they are a paying customer as a thank you.
  • Unlimited Earning Potential

    The more businesses you refer to Chat Heroes, the more you earn. You can introduce an unlimited amount of businesses which means there is no limit on earning.
  • No Cost To Join

    There is no cost to becoming a Chat Heroes Affiliate and there never will be. This is 100% no risk, start earning straight away.
How to Generate Leads
  • Utilise an Existing Strategy

    There are a number of ways our Chat Heroes Affiliates use their affiliate links to generate additional revenue. We show you a few of these in your Affiliate Resource Centre (see below) to help you get started
  • Create your Own Strategy

    Our Chat Heroes Affiliates are always coming up with inventive and creative ways of utilising their affiliate links. This is your affiliate link and your business. It’s your choice for what you think will work best for you. If there is anything we can do to help just let us know.
Affiliate Resource Centre
  • Website Banners

    We have designed a range of banners to add to your website and blogs. Choose the one that best suits you and change them as often as you wish.
  • Email Templates

    We have sent hundreds of emails so we have a decent idea of what works! We’ve put the best ones in template form, just personalise them and add your affiliate link then send them to your contacts.
  • Updated Regularly

    We update your Chat Heroes Affiliate Resource Centre all the time so you have the latest and most successful marketing at hand when you need them!
Affiliate Dashboard
  • Data Analysis

    While you will be shown an in depth analysis of your Chat Heroes Affiliate data, your dashboard is designed to show all that information in a simple and effective way.
  • Performance Analysis

    Some of the key information you will have access to will include your traffic log, which tells you how many businesses have pressed your unique affiliate link, giving you an idea of how effective your affiliate strategies have been.
  • Conversion Analysis

    Your dashboard will show you how many of those businesses have signed up to Chat Heroes, calculating your conversion rate.
Payment Process
  • Earn 20% Commission Every Month

    The live chat affiliate program 20% commission will start the moment your affiliate introduction becomes a paying customer. It will be based on the packages they are registered for, for the next month.

  • Same Day Every Month

    Your payment will be made the same day every month, meaning you know exactly when your money will hit you bank account.
  • Secure Payments

    All payments are done through our approved online payment system, so you can feel safe and secure at all times.
Start Earning Today

With only a few businesses referred to the Chat Heroes live chat affiliate program you can begin to earn a substantial monthly and annual income.

Our affiliate program really is an amazing way to generate additional monthly income for minimal effort.

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