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3 Top Tips To Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

There is a tendency with online shoppers to abandon their sales. On the run up to the infamous Black Friday sales, consumers are scouting out the bargains. A lot of this shopping, as is becoming the trend, will take place online. Recent studies  by Twenga Solutions have found that a massive 77% of UK Internet users made a purchase online in 2015. People are looking for the best deals to stretch their money as much as possible with the holiday season fast approaching. So don’t be surprised if there are a few baskets that sadly get abandoned right before checkout.  As it’s crucially important to make sure this doesn’t happen, here are three top tips to make sure you avoid shopping cart abandonment.

Have a clear pricing policy

There’s nothing more frustrating as a customer than being told one price on the website, then when it comes to the final payment it costs a lot more than anticipated. Whether this be processing fees, shipping fees or any other costs that aren’t clearly stated beforehand. Research by design for founders shows that the top reason for cart abandonment is steep shipping costs and the lack of transparency surrounding this. The preferred outcome would be free shipping from quotecorner medication a customer perspective. However, if there are fees involved, the customer must be informed as early as possible.

Create multiple payment options

It’s important to make checkout as simple for customers as possible. The last thing you want is for a sale to be delayed or abandoned due to payment issue. Having a multitude of options is the best way to make sure your customers can check out without a problem. According to a study by Cart 32, 48% of all online adult shoppers prefer the convenience of alternative payment methods – 66% of consumers prefer online stores that offer them.

Make sure all questions are answered

A great way to ensure your potential customers don’t abandon their shopping cart is ensuring that all of their niggling queries are answered before they take the plunge and checkout. Anticipating your customers’ queries is one way to do this. Many e-commerce sites have an FAQs page to try to make sure they tick all of the boxes. Another very clever way to provide an even better service is to have an assistant on hand to help via live chat software.  According to Happy Fox  the availability of live chat assistance has been found to decrease sales cart abandonment by up to 30%, which resulted in an increase in sales.

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