Astounding Manned Chat Service – Try It Now!

Everyone loves to receive positive feedback – especially if it is from clients referring to your service as an astounding manned chat service…
Chat Heroes works particularly well for companies that have goods and services that have a higher than average ticket value, and the business typically has a desire to provide ever increasing customer service excellence.
The testimonial below is to Paul Lawton, Founder, of Chat Heroes (it can also be found on his LinkedIn profile).
I would highly recommend Paul and all the team at Chat Heroes. 
We have been so impressed with the service,  friendliness, and professionalism of Paul and his team and the results have been astounding. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul’s services to anyone who is serious about measuring ROI and providing customers’ with a first-class experience.
Jill Brown – Marketing Executive – Impress Group
Providing an ‘astounding manned chat service’ is made possible by Chat Heroes when working closely with our clients – what does this mean? Basically, we are only as good as Impress Group allow us to be, our service relies on a partnership approach, whereby the more detailed and up to date marketing and sales information – the better the customer service (and ultimately – opportunity generation) we can achieve – together.
In the case of Impress Group, both Jill and the commercial director (Jason Young) have taken the time to proactively integrate Chat Heroes into their web-based marketing and sales strategy – and the results are speaking for themselves – see 1-minute video from Jason.
As mentioned in the video, Jason, was a little skeptical at the idea of outsourcing chat function. In order to remove the risk to both prospective customers and Chat Heroes (some sites generate A LOT OF CHAT) – we offer a no-obligation trial to find out quicly if ‘allyou are missing is an ASTOUNDING MANNED CHAT SERVICE’ from your marketing and sales mix..? Start Trial Now