At a time when many family owned funeral directors have been taken over by large national groups, Andrew Grey Funeral Directors believe in a personal service, offering not only support during the funeral, but through the difficult days that may follow.

Their aim was to improve customer service online to translate the service they provide offline to the customers they attract online.


Convert Small Traffic Into Strong Leads

Andrew Grey Funeral Directors has grown through word of mouth and a reputation for caring for our customers. We, however, found that we were missing out on new customers online, we had a website and target our local community with online and offline marketing.

We average 50 website visitors per month which is not much compared to many businesses but we were convinced we could generate leads from this traffic. We felt that while the traffic we had was small, we were only targeting a small area so the quality of traffic was high, our issue was converting the traffic into leads.

Andrew Grey, Managing Director

“On Bank Holiday Monday I received a live chat transcript via email at 9.09am. At the time I was in a queue to go into a Museum to see ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’.

I immediately rang the lady on the contact details that had been requested from the chat agent. Her mother had sadly passed away very suddenly and she was concerned about the money and the procedure. This outsourced live chat service solidified the business before she had the chance to ring another funeral director.

After a 3 minute conversation I had taken all the relevant details in order to make the provisional arrangements.

The net profit gained from the service I provided for this lady was £1.000 in a week.”


The Andrew Grey funeral directors business had grown on our customer service and care for people, by adding Chat Heroes to our site it enabled us to take that ethos into the online world. We worked with the chat agents to show them how to support our customers in a polite and none intrusive way while gathering the key details we needed to gain the customers trust and business.

Keys To Success

1. Caring Not Selling

It was important for our business the chat agents never came across as “salesy” or “pushy”, we deal with people when they are at their most vulnerable and often still in shock from the death of a loved one.

Our instructions were support and inform the customer, then only when the customer was ready could they ask for contact details.

To the teams credit they quickly adapted their techniques to skilfully and ethically provide the service we needed.

2. Speed Of Response

Planning a funeral can be a very difficult process and which heightened emotions speed is essential to supporting the customer effectively.

The rapid response of the chat agents meant our customers were not waiting for longer then a few seconds to receive a response. We believe this put the customer at ease but more importantly helped them build trust in our business. If the response had been slow they may have left and gone to a competitor.

3. Ongoing Chat Support

We find that customer regularly came back to our website and communicated through live chat, many commented they felt more comfortable communicating online then over the phone.

Chat heroes had records of all previous chats with the customer which allowed them to check previous transcript, enabling them to quickly catch up on the customers situation and provide a personable service. This again built trust between us and the customer but also made the service feel like an extension of our business.