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How To Reset Your Affiliate Account Log-In Details

It can get very frustrating when you have forgotten your username or password. But not to worry it happens to all of us! So to save your blushes, here is our quick guide on how to access your account if you have forgotten your username or password.

Log In

So first of all you will have found yourself on the log-in page after clicking “log-in” from the menus of the Chat Heroes website. From here you simply need to select the button beneath the purple log-in box that applies to you. So for forgotten passwords you would select “Forgot your password?”, and for forgotten passwords you select “Forgot your username?”.

Resetting your password

First of all I will discuss how to go about resetting your password. After selecting “Forgot your password?” this will then take you to the “Password Reset” screen.

Password Reset

From here simply fill in your account’s email address and the captcha verification question and select submit. You will be submitted a verification code to your email address for you to activate your account.

Email sent

This will then lead you to the email verification page. Here you must fill in your username and then the verification code that you were sent to your registered email address in order to log into your account and reset your password.

Password reset

You can now complete the process of resetting your password. By simply filling in your new password, and confirming this password to submit your new password ready to use on your account.

Log In

This will then take you back to the affiliate log-in page where you can use your new password to log onto your account.

Retrieving your username

To reset your username is a much simpler process. After selecting “Forgot your username” you will then land on the “Username Reminder” page.

Username Reminder

From here all you must do is fill in your email address associated with your account and the captcha verification and select “submit” to send a reminder to your email address.

Log In

You will then receive your username within an email from Chat Heroes, and a link will be sent directing you back to the log-in page. You can then use this information to access your account.

Our guys at Chat Heroes are always more than happy to help you should you run into any further problems. If you get stuck just select “Live Chat” and one of our team can assist.

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