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6 Major Positives To Outsourcing Live Chat

Live chat started as a private communication tool. Today, live chat has changed into an essential communication tool for any online business. Most e-commerce sites have embraced live chat because of the numerous benefits this tool offers. Unfortunately, the trouble with online shopping is that a lot of customers tend to get disconnected from the seller or someone who can answer their questions with precision and in real time. In order to attend to the customers’ questions, most websites are adding live chat support. The biggest challenge for many online businesses is to manage multiple tasks at a time hence the need to outsource live chat. The following are 6 major positive you can gain from outsourcing live chat:

Personalised attention to your visitors

Outsourcing live chat ensures that all your visitors get personal attention as far as their demands and needs are concerned. If you use in house live chat support, more often than once, your customers or visitors will not get the attention they require because the person responsible is either tired or in good in the mood to effectively respond to the queries. Competent customer care service providers in a contact center are well trained and have the capacity to respond to each and every customer who needs help.

Brings high returns to the business

It is without a doubt that live chat is one of the smartest online businesses and websites can have. It is not about having the technology on site but it is rather about having the right people who know how to use the technology to benefit your business. Outsourcing live chat basically involves looking for the people in the market to handle live chats of your business with your audience or clients. It is an investment that delivers higher returns on investment for your business through lead generation and social selling. All your customers will be attended to even during non office hours, which in most cases is not possible through other forms of communication.

Cost effective strategy

Outsourcing live chat is a strategic decision. It reduces costs for your business in a number of ways. For example, the time and resources that would be used to train live chat operators and personnel can be used for other purposes in the business. Additionally, the live support team will require space to run their operations; this means that you will have to incur extra costs of setting up operations area for the team. The team will require remuneration in terms of salaries wages and other benefits. All these are costs to your business. Instead of going through all this costs, you can simply outsource the services and benefit immensely from the experience live chat professionals have in terms of customer handling and communication.

You get to concentrate on core objectives of your business

Outsourcing live chat gives you as the business owner and your team a chance to concentrate on the core objectives of the business. Customer needs and demands will never be completely satisfied. So instead of focusing your attention on customer issues and queries, you can delegate that responsible to another professional through outsourcing. Outsourcing live chat can actually help in taking off the stress associated with customer care and handling by a greater extent. You and your team will therefore have ample time in dealing with other pressing matters in the business. This in the long run will lead to increased output levels hence growth of the business.

Enhances customer satisfaction

Live chat enhances customer experience and satisfaction as far as customer needs and demands are concerned. With live chat support system in place, all your visitors and customers will have their problems and demands responded to in the shortest time possible. In house live chat will not deliver great customer experience as is the case with outsourcing live chat. The outsourced company will focus its attention in giving the best service to your customers. In case an employee does something wrong, he or she will be held liable for the mistake. There is accountability on the part of outsourcing live chat. However, in in-house live chat, you might not even realize that the employee did something wrong because you do not have the time to counter-check or supervise someone. This can be detrimental to your business in the long run as your customers will not be treated the way they want or would wish to be treated.


Some individuals have the right personal traits in terms of communication skills and confidence in handling other people’s problems or questions, while others do not. This therefore means that not everyone can effectively handle multiple fast paced chats while at the same time providing great service. In most cases you as a business or website owner will employ one or two individuals to handle your live chats. This number is not sufficient when faced with a lot of fast paced chats. Therefore, use of chat heroes is the way to go if you want professionalism and competence to be exhibited to all your customers.
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