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The Chat Heroes 30 Day Trial, How It Works

The 30 day free trial of Chat Heroes is ideal for businesses that want to grow their businesses online and it’s available for any business to take advantage of, as our chat agents have experience chatting on behalf of multiple industries.

So what do you get when you sign up for the Chat Heroes 30 day trial? Our chat agents become part of your dedicated team when you sign up. Before you go through the process of  install the chat box onto your website, our chat agents take some time to research and get to know your business.

Every Monday you will receive an update which includes statistics to help you determine how well the chat box is working for you during your free trial. The statistics that you receive include response times by our chat agents, how many chats you have received during our service hours, how many times a website visitor has clicked to activate a chat, and if the chat was started automatically after a set period of time.

You will also receive a list of every chat transcript so you can review any chat that Chat Heroes have taken on your behalf. This is a great way to keep up to date with what your customers are asking and help our chat agents amend any answers.

Chat Heroes won’t tie you into a contract. This means the free trial a great way to test the chat service on your website. Using the statistics provided each week you will be able to determine the return of investment of the chat box and whether or not it’s right for your business.

So how do you set up your Chat Heroes free trial? Once you access the Chat Heroes website you can register for your free trial by clicking ‘Start trial now’ button, in the top right corner of the Chat Heroes website.

When you register for the free trial you will be able to access the Chat Heroes portal, here you can edit your businesses frequently asked questions that are used by our chat agents and how your chat box will appear on your website.

During the free trial you can expect an increase of leads from your website and quality customer service provided by our chat agents. We are able to intercept your website visitors with a proactive chat box and take their contact details if they require your services. This is a proven lead generation strategy for many industries.

If you are interested in the Chat Heroes free trial click the orange ‘Start Trial Now’ button in the top right corner of the website, to receive all of the benefits of having a chat box on your website.

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